Design • 14 December, 2020 • 5 min read

How To Keep In Touch With Your Loved Ones This Christmas

Whilst we know that technology can’t replace a hug, let’s try and overcome the distance together and look at four thoughtful, covid-friendly ways to connect with loved ones this holiday season.

By Edvin Brobeck


Call And Video Chat

keep in touch with your loved ones this Christmas mother daughter mapiful

Large family gatherings may no longer be a possibility this Christmas which may result in some of us having to spend it alone. The older generation like our grandparents might already be lonely and they will definitely suffer more from having to isolate. Calling your parents or grandparents on your way to work, while eating lunch or even while you’re getting ready in the morning is such a small act that can mean the world to them.

Try setting up your phone or iPad in front of the Christmas tree or leave them a spot on the dinner table – this will really help to keep in touch with your loved ones this Christmas!


Send Them A Meaningful Gift

keep in touch with your loved ones this Christmas mapiful zodiac baby

Coming up with a gift isn’t the easiest thing and we often buy things just for the sake of it. A great way to keep in touch with your loved ones this Christmas is to aim for gifts to be meaningful and personal. Your grandmother, father or sister would be thrilled to receive a personalized poster because it literally suits everyone and there are so many options! Give your mom the star alignment of the day she married your dad, your grandparents a street map of where they met for the first time or your sister a Zodiac sign of her new born baby! A Mapiful will warm your family members’ hearts as it represents an emotional and memorable experience that they can look back on for years to come!

Jump over to our Family Gift Guide for more inspiration on creative and personalized gifts for the jolly season. If you are looking for more personalized gift ideas, consider designing your own gift for mom and other heroes in your family.


Plan A Family Trip

keep in touch with your loved ones this Christmas gift mapiful

Although getting together for Christmas may not be possible, who says you can’t start planning for a future family trip? Not only will this give all of you something to look forward to but will also make this Christmas more bearable. Schedule a video chat every Sunday over the next month and start planning the location, date and activities you’d like to do as a family.

Did you know that the best last-minute deals are usually towards the end of Christmas and New Year? So see it as a family activity and get planning!


Cook Together Over A Video Call

keep in touch with your loved ones this Christmas cookies baking

If you’re not able to enjoy a lunch or dinner together this Christmas, try and set up a family cooking session over video call! Choose a meal you’ve never cooked before and send over the list of ingredients to your nearest and dearest and have a laugh trying to figure out a new recipe together!