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How To Make Twisted Candles With Mapiful

Spring is finally here and we are celebrating by showing you how to make twisted candles! A fun room décor DIY on a budget!

By Edvin Brobeck


Candle Making With A Twist

How to make twisted candles table flower
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To begin creating this super trendy room décor, you’ll need to get your hands on some colorful (or not) paraffin candles!

We’ve seen quite a number of how to make twisted candles tutorials and we advise you to (for the sake of your furniture and candles) please get some baking paper sheets!

You’ll also need a rolling pin and finally, a heat-proof container for hot water. Feel free to use a vase like us, anything shallow that can handle hot water will do!


Let Them Go For A Swim

How to make twisted candles Mapiful mono danmark
Classic Streetmap Mapiful – Mono Style @momentsbysolin

Fill up your container with warm water (not boiling guys, I repeat, NOT boiling). You don’t want them to melt, just to be warm enough to be able to shape your candles!

You can then go ahead and put your candles in the water and leave them to soften for about 15 to 20 minutes, in the meantime go make yourself something to drink!


Don’t Flood The Table

How to make twisted candles Mapiful mono Norge
Classic Streetmap Mapiful – Mono Style @uyense

Before getting started on the fun part, remember to leave around 2 inches at the bottom of your candle untouched so that, once you’re done, you can easily pop them into your candle holders!

Alright, It’s time to remove your candles out of the water, do this carefully, you don’t want water all over your table… Your candles should be soft enough to twist by now so quickly place them on the baking paper sheet and place another baking paper sheet on top of it.

Oh and, did I mention you should watch our tutorial on How To Make Twisted Candles? It’s pretty awesome!


Get rollin’

How to make twisted candles Mapiful red south africa candles
Classic Streetmap Mapiful – Legend Style @ywilde

Take your rolling pin and press down to flatten your candle. Try to do this as soon as they are out of the water. Once all of that is done, it’s time to shape your candles!

Start by twisting them, but don’t be too rough. These candles harden real quick my friends so if they become too stale, just throw them back into the warm water for a minute or two.


You did it!

Mapiful How to make twisted candles tutorial
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We’re almost there…Now that you have the perfect twist on your candles, let them rest for about 10 minutes or so. Okay the 10 minutes are up!

Now pop em’ into your candle holders and Voilà! You have officially created your very own twisted candles masterpiece and we think it’s time to show them off!

If you’re still wondering how to
make twisted candles…

Don’t forget to check our How To Make Twisted Candles video tutorial! Show us your outcome and don’t forget to tag us at  @mapiful #MapifulTwistedCandles if you enjoyed creating this trendy room décor

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