Design • 20 December, 2023 • 7 min read

New Year, New Decor – Winter Interior Trends for 2024

Let’s dive into some of 2024’s winter decor trends and ways to brighten up, organize and create an inspiring atmosphere at home!

By Edvin Brobeck

We like to think of the new year’s beginning as a time of reflection, opportunities and of course, a fresh start! To start off 2024 on a positive note, take a look at what changes you’d like to implement and how you can make your homestay as pleasant as possible. Let’s dive into some of these winter interior trends for 2024 and ways to brighten up, organize and create an inspiring atmosphere at home!

The Must-Know Winter Interior Trends for 2024


Upgrade Your At-home-office Space

It’s easy to say that working from home may become a long-term trend. With that in mind, it’s time to spice up your office space to ensure that it is motivating, inspiring and a space where you can focus and achieve your goals!

Invest in a large desk for some extra space to place snacks, your coffee mug, notes and laptop. A good lamp can never go wrong if you’re someone who prefers working in the evenings. Add some shelves over your desk where you can place plants and other decorations to make it all come to life. It’s safe to say that you’ll be spending quite a few hours at that desk, so investing in an ergonomic office chair is key as this can improve your poster and increase productivity! 


Add Some Life To Dull Walls

Do your walls feel awfully empty? That’s an easy fix. Set up some shelves across your walls and add decorative items that fit your style.There are many options here, including a mirror, a vase, plants, books or ceramic ware.

If that doesn’t cover up enough of the white areas, invest in some meaningful wall art. Perhaps a Mapiful of your favorite city or that unforgettable trip you took with your best friend! Some may prefer a  Mapiful of their Zodiac sign or the star alignment of a special moment! Adding a meaningful print will bring a constant smile to your face and will act as a reminder of joy, love and hope! Design yours now.


Organize Your Kitchen Pantry

2024 will be all about re-organizing. We all dream of a perfectly organized kitchen pantry. But it takes loads of time and most of us wouldn’t even know where to start! Begin with coordinating your containers. Matching canisters for different food groups is key and of course, don’t forget to label everything.

Next step is to get those canned foods under control! Wire baskets will allow you to store them in a way that will allow you to maximize your space. Organize these into groups as well – beans and lentils in one, corn, peas and tomatoes in another and so on. Last but not least, individually wrapped snacks can go into clear plastic containers so they can easily be seen and added to a packed lunch!


Check Winter Interior Trends for 2024’s Color Forecast

The colors of 2022 will consist of nature inspired palettes including beige, grey and muted warm tones. These colors will not only bring a sense of calm and comfort to your home but will also create an outdoor-feel! There’s nothing more important than starting the new year with creating a space for yourself to unwind and feel at home in. Natural wood tones and a mixture of antique yet classic shades will create a timeless, warm and cosy atmosphere to work, read a book or relax with your loved ones.