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Påskallavik Staycation : Sweden

Read @charolinealvsdahl's tribute to the small Swedish village she calls home.

By Edvin Brobeck


Påskallavik Staycation house pool
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The Best Spots During Påskallavik Staycation

You can stay a while and eat at @gastispvik, whilst enjoying the view and the beautiful environment!

Make sure to also stop for a fika (Swedish coffee tradition) at @paskallavikshamncafe at the harbor, and check out the amazing art at @kallstromsgarden.


Places For Exploring

Påskallavik Staycation tree forest people
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You can walk along the harbor and take a dip in the sea by the beach.

You can also explore the abandoned water-filled quarries and swim there, or why not go for a bike-ride to Vånevik and take a walk at the Stonemason Museum


To Top It All Off…

Påskallavik Staycation house
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

During your Påskallavik Staycation, don’t forget to do some afternoon shopping and while you’re at it, visit some restaurants, I recommend a visit to @oskarshamncity and go to town one day!

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