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Summer Gallery Wall: 3 Ways to Update Yours This Summer

Looking to upgrade your space for summer but not sure where to start? This easy, three-step gallery wall guide is the perfect project for warm weekends spent at home!

By Edvin Brobeck

Summer Gallery Wall – The Easy Way

What if we told you that switching up your summer gallery wall for the season doesn’t have to be hard or expensive?

If you’re looking to upgrade your space for summer in an easy, budget friendly way, this is the perfect project for warm weekends spent at home. Learn how to create an accent wall, lay out your posters for the perfect arrangement, and the secret to creating the perfect cohesive theme.


Create An Accent Wall

Custom Classic Mapiful poster

Accent walls do a beautiful job of drawing the eye and making your wall art really pop.

Painting an entire wall may seem like a big commitment, but you can also use accent walls to highlight little architectural features like archways or alcoves, and add dimension. It’ll make your gallery wall feel brand new for summer. 

Summertime invites warm, light and often earthy tones, and your gallery wall is no exception. If you are already working with a colorful palette, create an accent wall out of lush botanical greens or coral pinks. Golds and yellows for summer cannot do wrong, so if you’d prefer to bring a more subtle summer lift to your wall, try switching out your current frames with gold ones for an instant luxurious lift! If your space favours a more subdued palette, try adding just a few new prints Mediterranean color scheme includes taupes, blues, and beiges. This will add a subtle beachy feel, without being overly nautical.


Switch Your Focal Point

Summer Gallery Wall

Changing the focal point of your wall can make all the difference when it comes to updating the vibe of your gallery. Our best advice is always to take the biggest image you have and reposition it, and play with changing the balance between your prints. 

You could also try adding new elements to your wall by adding a mirror, a sign, or even floating shelf. Then you’re able to display other interior items that you already own, that scream summer to you!


Summer Gallery Wall of Mapiful posters
Custom Classic Mapiful poster

Think Theme For Your Summer Gallery Wall

Let the season guide you, and pick out a few anchor pieces in your chosen color scheme, and build around this.

Summer often makes us think of unexpected adventures, so try incorporating unlikely pieces and sentimental keepsakes like travel ticket stubs, beautiful restaurant menus and paper invitations into your display.

Tip: There’s no need to spend a fortune on new pieces!
Use what you already have at home and simply rearrange, or check out what your local thrift store has to offer. How about swapping out some pieces with your friends? Sharing is caring!

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