Design • 31 August, 2020 • 7 min read

Studio Apartment Ideas: 8 Ways To Make Your Space Feel Bigger

What if we told you decorating your studio doesn't have to be a chore? Whether you're decorating a new space or just feeling stressed in your studio, we reveal 8 studio apartment ideas that will make your space feel instantly bigger!

By Edvin Brobeck

How to Decorate a Studio Apartment

Whether you’re decorating a new studio apartment or looking to refresh your home office area, these oh so clever studio apartment ideas will make your space feel bigger and instantly refreshed. You might be thinking that decorating a studio is a chore, or that you will never find a good way to store all of your stuff stylishly. But what if we told you your space doesn’t have to equal stress?

Read on to find out how to make your small space feel bigger. Oh, and don’t miss the surprising reason why you should probably ditch your single ceiling light!

Studio Apartment Ideas: 8 Ways To Make Your Space Feel Bigger
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Invest in multi-purpose pieces

 This space-saving tactic is an amazing way to bring practicality and style to your studio apartment. Folding tables or desks are a great example of this – not only can you fold them up when your home office is not in session, but you can easily repurpose them in a few different ways. Some of our favorites include adding a mirror to make it into a vanity, or setting up a crafting area!

Studio apartment storage

When it comes to studio apartment storage, your walls are definitely your friend. Consider tall, slender bookshelf-style storage if you prefer more traditional decor, or wall mounted floating shelves to add an edgy, modern feel. Both are amazing for minimizing your floor space usage. Now all you have to do is figure out what you’re going to do with all that free space!

Wheeled storage for studio apartments

Wheeled storage carts are also a sleek and versatile way to max out your small apartment storage space. They are also easily moved around, which can be super useful if you don’t have much room in your studio apartment, and can be used to store anything from bathroom bits to your drinks collection. We also love the idea of making your storage cart into a focal point for decor – check out our Five Tips for Perfect Bar Cart Styling here.

Foolproofing your studio apartment color scheme

Yep, colors are important when it comes to your small apartment choices too! Generally, sticking with an even array of tones is a good choice for your small space. Choosing lighter colors will have the effect of opening up your room by further reflecting light, but darker colors will make your room feel sleek and cozy.

Studio apartment ideas for bedroom
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Mirror, mirror on the wall

Did you know that using mirrors can make your small living space feel twice as big? This may seem like an obvious point, but they help to add a sense of openness through reflecting light. Plus, a great thing to note about mirrors is that they also reflect the view from your window. This can really help bring the outside in, as well as adding some gentle natural light and color to your small apartment.

Lighten up!

Speaking of light, try having a few smaller lamps distributed across the room, and don’t rely on just one ceiling light. In fact, you can probably go ahead and ditch your sad ceiling light right away. This is often the most forgotten of our studio apartment ideas, but we can’t recommend it enough! This will spread light more evenly through your space and add the illusion of space, and choosing warm light bulbs will help you focus better and avoid headaches when working from your small space.

Studio apartment furnature in the mid-century style

Studio apartment furniture

Another space-saving hack! Switching up your studio apartment furniture for lower to the ground pieces will help to open up your home. This is due to the fact that they leave more free space above them. Depending on your personal taste, this can be achieved by adding a mattress on the floor, or incorporating mid-century style decor which tends to be designed lower to the ground.

Finally, fabrics

Select lighter fabrics for a more open feel. Heavy, dark materials and frumpy fabrics can have the effect of weighing your space down, as well as absorbing the light. Making this switch is a really simple upgrade. Best of all, this can be done on even the smallest of budgets. Head to any fabric shop where buying bulk is cheap, or up-cycle any old blankets or rugs to bring comfort to your studio apartment.

The Wrap on Studio Apartment Ideas

Try any of these studio apartment ideas to make your small space feel bigger. Our homes are our places to relax.These tips will help to minimize clutter, whilst bringing a light and breezy feel to your studio. What’s that? Yes, we agree, you can probably start inviting guests round after all!