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The Ultimate Guide to Hosting a Mother’s Day Backyard Brunch

Mother's Day Backyard Brunch - A tasty feast and a relaxed atmosphere - A simple yet memorable event to honor the mother figures in your life!

By Edvin Brobeck


Organize a Guest List

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It always helps to know who plans to come. Then, you’ll know exactly how much food and how many decorations you need. While you may be tempted to invite every mom you know, you might want to keep your guest list minimal so you don’t have to take on too much work.

If your table seats 10 people, you should cap the invitations at that number.


Choose a Theme With Decorations

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With a Mother’s Day backyard brunch, you have endless opportunities to decorate. There’s no need to deck out your entire outdoor space, but you should add a few touches to your patio or deck so you can make the afternoon feel more like a celebration.

Colors are a smart place to start. Choose one or two hues you want to use to decorate. Then, you can pick out flowers, napkins and candles that align with your theme. It’s springtime, so you may want to stick with pastels.

Be sure to play around with your table setting in advance. This way, you can choose the layout that looks and functions best before your guests knock on the door. Remember to watch the weather, as well, so you’re prepared for everything.


 Plan a Delicious Menu

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After you receive your RSVPs, you can map out your Mother’s Day menu. Because brunch isn’t strictly breakfast or lunch, you’ll have a chance to please everyone’s palate with different dishes. Do your best to pick out an array of recipes that range from savory to sweet. Keep in mind you’ll be outside, so you could always fire up the grill, too.

Here are a few ideas to inspire you:

  • Homemade bagels
  • A waffle bar with toppings
  • Cinnamon rolls
  • Breakfast sandwiches
  • Coffee cake
  • Breakfast casserole

If you want a formal experience, you can serve a multi-course meal with an appetizer, main and dessert. But you could also set out multiple finger foods to keep the atmosphere casual. There’s wiggle room, so feel free to put your own twist on the experience.

Don’t forget your beverage selection, either. It’s the ideal time to serve up spring-inspired cocktails you can enjoy with your feast. Be sure to set out fun non-alcoholic drinks like iced tea and sparkling lemonade, as well. Options are important!

Use These Tips to Plan the Perfect Celebration

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