Design • 21 August, 2020 • 5 min read

What Virgo Season 2021 Means For Your Sign

Practical Virgo is here to ground us after a dramatic Leo season, but Saturn may create some obstacles for you this month. Read on to find out what this means, and how overcome it!

By Edvin Brobeck

When is Virgo Season 2021?

Virgo Season 2021 takes place between August 23rd – September 22nd.

What does Virgo Season 2021 mean for my sign?

Expect the dramatic and fiery energy of the lion to be brought back down a notch as earthy and practical Virgo Season sweeps in to set our feet back on the ground and carry us through to fall.

Be aware though, Saturn’s influence may create some obstacles for you this month. Read on to find out what this means for you, and how you can overcome them.


On a Scale From 1 to Motivated…

Virgo season zodiac sign poster

Even the zodiac can’t resist the pull of back-to-work vibe that is prevalent every time September rolls around. You may be heading back into new routines, and Virgo season is actually going to play to your advantage in, let’s be honest, absolutely smashing it.

It’s capable, grounding and practical energy is here to spur you along, and you’ll be able to discover new ways to become more efficient in all areas of your life.

Virgo and Pisces sun signs will feel most affected by this new season, but we will all feel the shift in this new energy as the month progresses. You will want to reinvent the way you go about life. This drive to get your life back in order comes courtesy of Mars, our biggest motivator.

Virgo is also ruled by the planet Mercury, the planet of curiosity and thought, and this combination makes for the perfect setting to straighten out the details of things you want to improve, whether it be in work, your health or your relationships.

Virgo Season Checklist:

Invest in a good planner, or create your own!
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Introduce a grounding breath practice.
Make time for a nourishing breakfast.


Keep Calm and Virgo On

Virgo season zodiac sign poster

Unfortunately, Saturn retrograde is going to come to a head this September, and this means that all signs may feel restricted in terms of how we use our creative energy, as well as bringing some harsh home truths to light.

On the flip side, this presents an opportunity to face what might be blocking you from achieving your goals, and use Virgo’s practicality to work through things.

Also, as an earth sign, practical Virgo is closely connected with the body. Taking time to treat your body with kindness will also help you to feel centered during this time, and whether that means getting your sleep hours in, steadying your mind with some gentle workouts, or eating foods that make you feel stronger, stick with it and ride it out. 

Your body will thank you later.