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Why You’re Not At Peace Yet: How To Find Happiness Within

Happiness is the ultimate goal for all of us. But in today's society we are always on a never ending search to find it. Happiness is everywhere - from parties and holidays to even just having a drink at your favorite pub- but that escape out of our day-to-day lives is short lived, it's never forever because eventually you have to come back to yourself. Read on to find out the real reason why you’re not at peace yet, and discover tips for setting out on your path to happiness. Article by Jumana Mundichipparakkal.

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How To Find Happiness Within

While venturing out was easier before the covid19 pandemic hit and locked us up inside our homes, many of us lost access to our favorite hobbies and daily routines. Coping with this did teach us some valuable lessons that I believe will help us going forward with continuing to find happiness within ourselves and our homes. 

From the adapted pandemic life routine, it was clear that there are some really simple things that we all can do on a daily basis to make our lives better and happier. In this blog post, I will share with you some of my personal experiences and three key lessons I learned that I believe can help you find happiness within  yourself and set you on a self discovery journey.


Follow Your Passion &  Find a Purpose

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Deep inside, we all know the only thing that truly matters is finding out what makes us genuinely happy and living the life that’s in line with our values and passions.

Prior to covid, I was often travelling but did not have any clue as for what I wanted to do apart from work. I started to read some of the books gathering dust in my book shelf and was totally inspired by reading the book “Just F*cking Do It”(read the JFDI book review that walks through my readers journey). 

I was reminded of how I always wanted to travel the world and write about it. I started planning out a travel blog that would document all my adventures and it has allowed me to finally follow my passion for writing and travel virtually when travel is restricted. 

This travel blogging endeavour has been an amazing journey filled with learning webmaster skills, and digital marketing knowledge apart from writing that kept me quite busy. While I totally love my job, I realized I would like to promote traveling as a lifestyle going forward using my travel blog Planet Hopper Girl as a medium. I absolutely love the traveler community around the world I interact with on a day to day basis.

This venture has shown me a new dimension to my busy techie life and I would encourage anyone, especially those who are feeling unfulfilled by their current position in life or workforce to just start doing something that they truly love, even as a side hustle.

So, step one is definitely to make time for your passions now, instead of waiting until you’re retired!


 Practice Gratitude

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To bring more peace into your life, start practicing gratitude in all aspects of your day-to-day routine – from taking a moment each day to reflect on what went well or thanking someone who has done something nice for you without expecting anything in return! Be grateful for all the good things in your life, even if they’re small or hard to see at first glance. Journaling them on a day to day basis helps to end the day well with positivity and will aid your journey to find happiness within yourself .

While I navigated the lockdown days, spending a lot of my weekends at home watching TV, reading books and  blogging about all of the places that I have been to, I was constantly reminded of how I was living a life that I had always wanted. Coming from a humble background, from a small village in rural India, relocating to Europe, pursuing an international career and having the freedom to follow my passion of traveling the world was everything that I had dreamt of.  This observation in my emotions struck me multiple times when I was blogging about places visited. I decided to create something to remind me of this feeling. I got myself a personalized Mapiful print with the slogan of my blog “Stay True Stay You” on it.

Coming across this map everyday with my morning coffee puts everything into perspective and I stay grateful for the life that I am living, while also chasing my future goals and dreams. This map is a reflection of my heart echoing gratitude to the life I enjoy today having found my freedom in Europe and reminds me to hold  close to one of the biggest values of being true to myself and being genuine. I also have the habit of writing journals of key moments, setbacks and dreams to track my progress and life evolution. This will also help when it comes to tackling the unforeseen events in your life that may not be exactly what you planned.

I would personally recommend keeping journals and reminder items like the map or show pieces around you to remind you to be grateful. It works like a charm!


Make Your Home Your Favorite Place in the World

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With lockdown and being home forever, it was very important to realize that our homes should be happy. 

Our work setup, living room, or bedroom can all have an effect on how we feel because of the vibe they give off. The vibe of the house has an effect on your mood which is why certain restaurants or cities might attract you more than others. 

After some time spent decorating my living space I realized how much they can have a direct impact on my energy levels; this includes creating reading nooks etc. for times when work hasn’t drained all of them away. Once you realize that color schemes inside can affect moods and emotions too, then evaluating personal spaces becomes more fun! 

Apart from significant re-organizations in the house,  I also found myself a personalized Home Love lineart collection from Mapiful which is orange in colour which matches the theme of my lounge and blog, which symbolizes happiness, warmth and determination.  I picked the home design with two important messages I wanted to hold onto from the pandemic experience.  “Home is where the Heart is” is a reminder to keep the home as my favorite place in the world that I would need no escape from. The subtitle “Life takes you to unexpected places, Love brings you home” is to keep me grounded in life journeys including travels to ensure that home is where I should always be happy to return to.


 Finding Happiness

If you want to find happiness within, it is not out there, it’s inside of you.

Happiness starts with your mindset and how you react to the world around you; but there are a lot of things that are under your control like adapting your mentality and lifestyle so they can be more conducive for happiness! If this blog post with my personal experiences has helped you take a step back to see your life from an alternate perspective, I hope that gives you some relief and inspiration to start chasing happiness by working on finding yourself first. We all should try to find true joy from within which will help share light with everyone else in this wonderful world we live in!

I would like to end by quoting “The World Is Your Oyster” – Believe In Yourself And Let Happiness Follow!”

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Words by Jumana Mundichipparakkal

Planet Hopper Girl

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