Landmark Line Art

Take inspiration from our landmark line art collection and create your own custom art piece! Choose a landmark illustration of the city closest to your heart and personalize the colour, text and variation with our easy to use design tool.

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Our landmark line art posters

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Your prints are produced at the facility closest to you. This allows for faster and greener shipping, reducing carbon emissions by 67%.

Effortlessly Customizable

Easily create a minimalist line art poster like no other, and honor your favorite city.

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High-quality and printed-to-order, our personalized line art posters make a lasting, meaningful gift.

Scandinavian Design

Our on-trend and high quality minimal Scandinavian designs fit any interior, letting you decorate without the help of an expert.

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How to create your landmark line art poster

Our city line art collection lets you personalise minimal line illustrations of your favorite landmarks, and create your own poster in just a few steps.

  • Choose a landmark illustration from our curated collection of line drawings
    Where is your favorite city? Choose a line art drawing that represents that city, and speaks to you.
  • Pick your theme and colors
    Each home is unique, and our pre-curated color palettes let you easily find a look that suits your interior style.
  • Personalize your text
    Add any special words or quotes that describe your city, or add a sweet message to someone else.

Landmark line art FAQ

Your questions answered

What is Line Art?

Line art, also known as line drawing or minimalist line art, is an easy choice for achieving this minimal style in your interior decor. It is an easily recognizable poster style due to its simplicity, with the posters often showing their subjects broken down into very basic elements.

Which illustrations can I choose for my landmark line art print?

Choose from the most popular cities (New York, London and Paris) and and create a Statue of Liberty line art, Big Ben line art poster, or an Eiffel Tower line art poster.

Why design a personalised landmark line art?

Whether you’re looking to immortalise the familiar landmarks of the city where you live, bought your first home, travelled to or grew up in, our landmark line art posters let you frame those meaningful places, and add your own personal touch. These posters also make great gifts for travel lovers and dreamers alike.

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