Tell your stories, your way

Here at Mapiful, we are on a mission to bring joy to your home through endlessly customizable wall art.

We offer the perfect mix of frames and posters that let you easily create and order custom prints of the special moments that matter the most to you. Where would you choose?

Classic Mapiful

Your most memorable place.

Whether it’s your favourite holiday, the place you met your partner, or where you tied the knot, tell the story of the place that made you, you!

star map poster of lebanon

Star Mapiful

What was written in the stars, framed on your wall.

These sentimental prints let you see the alignment of the stars and constellations from any given location on any given date.

Zodiac Mapiful

Your unique star sign, personalised!

Into astrology? These prints let you find the star sign that corresponds to your birthday, and create a print that’s totally unique to you!