3 Inspiring Ways to Combine your Photos with Text

Inspo alert! Looking for new ideas to make your home decor even more personal to you? 

Here are three different inspiring ways that you can make wall art out of words, with our Text Art Mapiful editor. It’s the easiest way to make your memories into art.

Travel Nostalgia

The best way to remember your travels, from happy holiday times to moving home.

Step 1 – Upload your image
Let holiday snaps, photos of city skylines, or country landscapes inspire your design.

Step 2 – Choose your repeated text
Road trip song lyrics, travel dates, a list of your favourite locations, travel quotes. Watch them appear as a pattern on your image. 

Step 3 – Select your style
Our style in ‘Asphalt’ combined with a boost of contrast lets the colours of your location pop in your poster! 

Step 4 – Customize your your headers
You could add your location name, flight dates, or a description of what makes it meaningful to you.

Most cities are nouns. New York is a verb.

John F. Kennedy

Wedding Vibes

A meaningful way to remember your big day.

Step 1 – Upload your image
Choose anything from your official wedding photo, to the iPhone picture that captured your first look.

Step 2 – Choose your repeated text
Your special vows. Guest names. Love quotes. The song lyrics to your first dance. Any words you pick will be replicated in a pattern across your image!

Step 3 – Select your style
Our style in ‘Cloud’ is extra romantic and adds a soft pastel blue touch to your poster. Totally up to you though!

Step 4 – Customize your headers
Mark the date and your loved one’s name, and cherish it forever.

Tip: You could even use Text Art Mapiful as a Guest Book, to remember those who helped make your day amazing

Furry Friends

Remember the day you got your first pet? Honour your furry (or feathered or scaled!) friends in a stylish custom poster.

Step 1 – Upload your image
Upload your favorite image of your loyal companion. We recommend using a more close up photo which includes their face for the best result. 

Step 2 – Choose your repeated text
Their birthday, a fun pet quote, or even a list of their best tricks or favourite commands, perhaps?

Step 3 – Select your style
Our theme in ‘Dark’ works well for pet photos. However, the choice is yours!

Step 4 – Customize your your headers
How about your pets name and nickname, or the date you first decided you were perfect for each other?

Dogs are not our whole life, but they make our lives whole.

Roger Caras

Feeling inspired?

Head over to our Text Art editor, and try uploading your own special photo and text to see them combine into a unique print.