4 Tips For Decorating Your Home Like The Scandinavians This Christmas

Want your home to be looking hygge with a touch of Scandi decor this Christmas? Don’t stress, we’re here to help!

During the holidays, Scandi’s make sure to keep it cozy, uncluttered and warm. There’s a strong focus on incorporating natural elements and textiles such as wool and wood while using traditional decoration techniques for the jolly season.


Decorating The Christmas Tree

Your Christmas tree should look as natural as possible! Traditionally, Scandinavian men would go out in the woods in early December and chop down their own Alpine tree and bring it home on a sleigh. Until today, Scandis aim for a real Christmas tree during the jolly season as it just brings a whole different ambience to the home.

Try adding candle holders, ornaments with one to two neutral colours and some strings of warm lights! To top it off, a star or an angel can be placed at the top of the tree.


Setting The Table

Setting the table is a huge part of Christmas for Scandinavians. There is a strong focus on creating a cosy atmosphere that feels welcoming for family members. Try covering your dinner table with a red tablecloth and place candles across the table to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. You should aim to colour code your ceramic dinnerware and include red napkins if you want to go all out! The Scandis prepare over 10 different dishes that are eaten in different rounds and turns.

Try something new and look up some traditional Scandivian dishes to spice things up this Christmas!


Home Decor

Red amaryllis are a hot item in Scandinavian homes during Christmas. Little figurines as well as artisanal paper decor are also spread out across peoples’ homes to bring the holiday season to life. Of course, candles and advent lights are placed along the windowsill to showcase the cosy season to people walking by and to give a warm feeling to the home.

Don’t forget to make your house as comfortable as possible by including natural materials like wool and fur blankets by hanging them on top of your sofa or even one of your chairs!


Keep It Simple

Now that you know how to set the table, decorate in the most traditional Scandinavian way, let’s look at the overall atmosphere to aim for. Always keep it simple. Try not to over-do anything and keep it as uncluttered as possible. Avoid using bright lights and multiple colours when decorating, stick to as few colours as possible and keep the mood lowkey and cosy.

Don’t forget to head to your nearest Scandi store and invest in an illuminated star to hang in your window, this is key! Aim to keep your furniture and decorations as natural looking as possible. Scandinavians aim for a clean and minimalistic outcome when decorating.

Last but not least, be around your loved ones, dance around the tree and have a very Merry Christmas!