5 Steps to Style a Unique and Gorgeous Bar Cart

You’ve seen gorgeous drink carts styled on Instagram and Pinterest. Wondering what their secret is?

We show you five unique ways you can style a bar cart in almost any room of your home, and teach you how to build the perfect set up, step by step. This is your next weekend DIY, trust us.

Scope your Spot

Where in your room do you want to draw the eye?

 Location is important, as you want your bar cart or trolley to make your guests go wow, and bring the party in no time! Cosy your cart up in a corner or alcove for structure, or have it stand alone and become a true centerpiece.

Better still, they are totally versatile – you could make it into a coffee table showcasing your favourite blends, a cute alternative to a book stand, or even switch things up and place it in your bedroom or bathroom as an elegant nightstand. Make a break with tradition and  

Find your Finish

Our best tip for styling a breathtaking bar cart is to pick a finish, and run with that theme. If you have a gold trolley with a metallic finish, and want to use your bar cart for creating a drinks display, coordinate your cocktail making accessories with this same finish. Measures and even metal straws can make for dashing decor too!

We’re not saying that you can’t pair a copper cocktail shaker with a gold finish, though. This can look striking when done subtly, and besides, rules are meant to be broken, right?

Grab Gorgeous Glasswear

Don’t just ram your cart full of bottles without thinking about placement. Balance high and low – most bar carts have at least two shelves or levels, so don’t hesitate to make use of the space. Leave room for other accessories, and position your drinks so that it gives the cart some structure. Our best tip is to pick your tallest bottle, have this as your focal point, and arrange the rest around it.

Choosing liquor with pretty packaging can lift and elevate the vibe of your room, and colored glass bottles won’t only compliment the rest of your decor, but also play with light in a very inviting way. Crystal cut effect glasses and decanters can also make for gorgeous decor as they reflect the light and automatically make your drinks look beautiful.

Accessorise, Sparingly

Bring some life to your bar corner, but, as is usually the case, less is more. A small posey of flowers or greenery can instantly liven up your display, and feels very organic. Other nicknacks, candles, or statement ornaments may also nicely find their home on your bar cart. The best part? This is where you have the opportunity to play around and truly make it your own!

Tip: Use ingredients as decor!
A bowl of citrus fruits that may eventually end up in a cocktail can act as a statement piece is a great decor cheat to add a natural pop of color, not to mention the fact that lemons and limes have a gorgeous fresh scent too. Try it!

Doing it by the Book

If you’re more of a minimalist, or simply don’t have much space, try limiting your bottles to one corner of the cart, and using the rest of the space to display coffee table books or other stylish magazines. We think that this is a neat way to work with your theme show off your cocktail recipe books or drinks atlases, too!