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4 Hard to Kill Houseplants Anyone Can Grow

Embrace your inner plant parent and introduce some green to your interior with these four easy to care for houseplants that look gorgeous in any space.

By Edvin Brobeck

4 Hard to Kill Houseplants – Indoor Plants Anyone Can Grow

Hard to kill houseplants is a little misleading – all plants do need the basic water and sunlight combo to stay fresh and flourishing. But, if you’re serious about introducing some green to your interior and aren’t sure where to start, these four hard to kill indoor plants have you covered!

On top of being super simple to care for, they also look gorgeous in any space. Prepare to embrace your inner plant parent!


Snake Plant 

Aka: Mother In Law’s Tongue, Sansevieria Trifasciata

A snake plant on a white table with other hard to kill houseplants

These smart plants add a striking touch to any corner or sill. Their thick leaves tend to grow straight upwards, giving an almost sculptural effect, so pick a pretty pot to match your interior, and watch it thrive. The Snake Plant can also do wonders for purifying your space, as their large leaves easily absorb toxins from the air whilst releasing oxygen. They also continue to do this during the night, so breathe easy and pop one in the corner of your bedroom to purify as you sleep!

To keep your snake plant feeling loved…

Honestly? Don’t do too much!

These guys are probably the toughest of all of the houseplants, and can survive almost anything you throw at them.

Easy does it when it comes to watering, though. The Snake Plant can go up to eight weeks before needing a top up, so make sure the soil is nice and dry and before quenching its thirst.


Spider Plant

Aka: Chlorophytum Comosum

Bedroom monstera with other indoor plants that are hard to kill

With it’s slim two-toned leaves, this plant looks beautiful and soft in the home, and can drape itself elegantly from a shelf or windowsill. It’s also another champion air cleanser, removing toxins and releasing pure oxygen. It’s a great addition to any room, especially if you’re looking to spruce up your space for spring. Read more on how you can easily switch up your decor for spring here.

To keep your spider plants feeling loved…

Try to keep them in bright sunlight for maximum growth, but they will thrive in indirect sunlight and darker corners too.

If the top two centimetres of their soil are dry, it’s time for a drink! Water your spider plant sporadically, as their roots can be prone to rot if they end up too moist. Not so hard, right?

Image credit @nelplant


Aloe Vera

Aka: Aloe, True Aloe

Aloe vera houseplants in copper pots

These plucky plants come in various sizes, so depending on how much space you have, the aloe can be a great versatile choice. As well as suiting pretty much any room, the aloe has properties which soothe and rehydrate the skin – perfect if you’re sunburnt or prone to dryness. With proper care, your aloe will reward you with little aloe plant babies, too!

To keep your aloe feeling loved…

Just keep an eye on them!

These little guys are really low maintenance. They do well in both direct and indirect sunlight, and need watering deeply, but infrequently! Read; every 2 – 3 weeks or so.  Just make sure the soil is fully dried in between drinks.


Air Plants

Aka: Tillandsias

Air plants and other hard to kill houseplants

Aside from being the cutest little plants we’ve ever seen, these babies are very low maintenance. They are happy in a range of temperatures, and don’t even need soil! Their smaller size means that they lend themselves well to more cramped spaces, like shelves, bedside tables or home office spaces.

To keep your houseplants feeling loved…

Hydrate hydrate hydrate!

As well as bright light, these little guys love moisture. You can either spritz them every day (you can use any misting bottle that sprays water finely) or give them a good soak in a bowl of water for a few hours each week. Make sure to let them dry off afterwards.

Also, as much as glass terrariums my look nice in your interior, these babies need air circulation just as much as the rest of their green cousins. Store them in wide brimmed, fish-bowl containers, and watch them flourish!

Other hard to kill houseplants that flourish indoors

Want to grow your jungle? If you’re looking for some more easy-care options that anyone can grow, we’ve collected a shortlist of more hard to kill houseplants that can also handle a little neglect here and there!

Rabbit’s Ear

Rubber Plant

Golden Pothos

Barrel Cactus

Jade Plant

Peace Lily

Dragon Tree

English Ivy


ZZ Plant

Try any of these ideas for bringing hard to kill houseplants into your home, find the green friend that speaks to you the most, and get ready to welcome your inner plant parent out of the shadows!

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