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4 Ways To Create A Pinterest Worthy Kitchen

Featured creator @hiermitmir shows you how to create an aesthetic Pinterest kitchen. Learn how to create zones, pick your color story, and how you can hack your condiment storage space!

By Edvin Brobeck


Neutral Zones

pinterest kitchen inspo balcony

Warm up a neutral kitchen by inviting different shades (gray, ivory, cream) and textures into the picture.

Storage is maximized with a wall of cabinets, floor to ceiling.


Color story

pinterest kitchen inspo table
Custom Star Mapiful poster – Gaia Style

If you have a modern decorating style, embrace a bold color and high-gloss finish.

Vanilla white and cherry red lacquer cabinets take this kitchen to daring heights.

To avoid visual commotion, keep the rest of your accessories (kitchen textiles, serving ware, plates) in this same color palette.


What is the key?

pinterest kitchen inspo

Display pasta, coffee and tea in glass jars, liquor bottles, cookbooks, photos and any number of vintage style ornaments to achieve a cluttered aesthetic in one particular wall in the kitchen.

Just remember to balance it out with a cleaner look on the rest.


Morning glory

pinterest kitchen inspo storage
Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

It can be challenging to find ample storage in a kitchen that flows into other areas of the home.

Think creatively when carving out extra spots for concealing belongings.

Need some ideas?

Build hidden cabinets and compartments in an island, hang floating shelves on walls, or bring unexpected pieces of furniture (china cabinet, armoire, credenza) into the space.

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