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6 Positive Affirmations You Need to Hear Right Now

Feeling in need of a little self love boost? Here are our 6 positive affirmations to live by! Repeat these daily for a positive change in your life

By Edvin Brobeck


Affirmation for your day to day life: “Be brave enough to be bad at something new.”

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Sometimes the only thing that is holding us back from doing something new is fear. What do your fears look like? Fear of people judging, fear of not succeeding, fear of not getting approval from our peers. Do not forget that judgment is a reflection of what you would judge from your own perspective and your system of values. It is not about what other people think, because they don’t see the world from the same eyes. 

You cannot get a better knowledge of what life is and who you are by staying in your comfort zone. Change is usually equal to discomfort , and this is totally normal. You have never been in this situation before. Having the courage to try new things will give you confidence, and even if you fail at something, at least you will be proud because you tried and you will most likely be able to learn something valuable from it.. 

Do not forget that life is a journey and, just because we only have one, it is important to live it to the fullest. Live for you and do what makes you happy.


Self care affirmation: “Self care is how about you take your power back”

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In today’s society, we have been told (especially for women) to give ourselves to the fullest, show what we are capable of to others, think about others before thinking about ourselves. 

The problem here is that we focus too much on the notion of “others”. Why? Well, because you are giving everything you have and show too much of what you are capable of for others. As a result they will push your limits further and further. Usually you don’t keep enough attention and love to yourself so you feel empty. How are you going to give something to somebody if you don’t have it yourself? 

Each and every time you give too much, you give a part of yourself and your power to other people. Some people will not give you anything in return and will make you feel like they own something from you. Self care, and knowing how to say no, will give you so much more power. By loving yourself enough, you will want to share your energy with other people without feeling empty because you know your limits. 


Affirmation for anxiety: “It is ok not to be okay”

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You have probably already experienced this situation where you don’t feel your best, put your mask on and respond automatically to your colleagues or friends passing by that you are okay when it’s not the case, just to be somewhat “polite”, right?

Sharing our true feelings can sometimes be tricky because we feel like we are either too sensitive (which is making you less credible to others), that you will be rejected or that it’s not appropriate in certain situations.

Everybody at some point will pass by difficult times in life, it is human to experience emotions, whether they’re positive or negative. Denying what you feel is just going to make things worse in the long run because there will be an accumulation of negative feelings and it will be more difficult to deal with in the future.

The only way to deeply heal is to acknowledge that things are not okay, let the emotion pass by, take some time to focus on you. Call someone you trust, or write things down if you have nobody to talk to at the moment.


Affirmation for your day to day life: “Change will come when the pain of staying the same is worse than the pain of change”

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Sometimes, we are so caught up in our routine and we are so afraid of change that we don’t deal with the issues that bother us, and instead we let things be. As we mentioned  earlier, we are scared to leave our comfort zone, so sometimes we think that the best option is to stay in the same situation even if it is not right for us anymore.

We only think about what we will lose because we focus on  the repercussions on our life, but we don’t know what we can win from being brave and moving on. Do not pressure yourself to make a decision you will regret, but don’t forget that if the situation is making you more sad than happy, then the line is crossed and the pain of change will be bearable or even non existent.


Self care affirmation: “Everything you need is already within you”

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Are you the kind of person who thinks that you need somebody to feel special,  or to get validation  or to give you something you need? Society teaches us from the get go that we need somebody or something in order to be happy.

What it didn’t tell you is that everything you are searching for is already inside of you! Self love (and by that we don’t mean selfishness which is a totally different notion) is the key to empower you and be independent. 


Affirmation for anxiety: “Congratulations on powering through this day, even if it is really hard. You’re doing your best and that is good enough”

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Some days are harder than others and sometimes, surviving is good enough. Do not beat yourself down for feeling like you didn’t do enough. Every little step is important. The most important thing is to try, do your best and to know that you are enough.

So, what are positive affirmations all about?

In conclusion, positive daily affirmations are the best way to implement the right mindset and push yourself forward. You can repeat them wherever you are and whenever you want – before sleep, when you have anxiety, when you need to implement more self love. The outcome will be amazing!

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