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6 Relationship Advice Accounts To Follow on Instagram

We share 6 of our favorite Instagram accounts for some incredible relationship advice! From conflict-busting tips for couples, to comforting quotes for new singles, it doesn't matter if you’re someone that is in a new relationship, married, or perhaps just got your heart broken - you’re in for a treat!

By Edvin Brobeck

Relationship advice accounts to flood your IG feed with healthy habits

Relationship advice accounts are pretty much everywhere on Instagram. Whatever phase of love you’re finding yourself in, getting overwhelmed by intense emotions, overthinking things and feeling stuck or misunderstood is something we’ve all experienced. In times like this, seeing a little square of advice showing up on your screen can really do some wonders! Not only do they offer guidance, compassion and relief, they will also remind you of your worth, and level with you when no one else will.

Let’s remember that when you’re in a relationship with another human being, you’re dealing with your own emotions as well as those of another person. That’s where the Instagram therapists come in! The more open you are, and the more understanding and information you have about relationship dynamics, the smoother your ship shall sail!

These 6 amazing Instagram accounts will help you navigate the rough waters of relationships and heartaches by providing sound advice on how to deal with arguments, understanding different perspectives, managing expectations, creating connection, and everything in between! By following and implementing these in your daily life, we promise that you’ll be on a much better ground to maintain a healthy and happy relationship!



Nedra Glover Tawwab is a therapist, boundaries expert and an author. It doesn’t end there guys. She also helps people create healthy relationships. Yay! Just what we’re looking for! For some reason, Nedra always knows what to say and what you need to hear! Creating long lists with clear-cut examples of behavior that is and isn’t okay to accept in a relationship while outlining what to avoid, what to do and how to be the best supportive partner will have you hitting ‘save’ on all her posts.

@nedratawwab relationship advice account quote



Nicole Lepera has a PHD in Psychology and is here to teach us how to heal and how to be our best selves! Nicole likes to go back in time and look at how your parents’ relationship dynamics were and how this may affect your own. This may not sound like a super exciting topic but believe us when we say that there is a very strong correlation between the two. Now, this will require a lot of self-reflection and adaptation from your side. It’s a powerful one to understand and pursue but we believe it’s worth it, especially if you want to take your relationship to the next level. Her insights could help you understand what went wrong in past relationships and some ways for you to create healthier ones in the future!

@the.holistic.psychologist relationship quote



Sheleana Aiyana, founder and visionary of Rising Woman, Conscious Relationship Expert and Spiritual Psychology Writer is here to take off your blindfolds and create the most fulfilling relationships you’ve ever had. Her own childhood experiences of abandonment and abuse following a painful divorce led her to an awakening and the need to share her wisdom with the rest of us – and we’re SO happy she did.

@risingwoman relationship advice account quote



Lauren Mersy is a, wait for it, certified sex and relationship therapist! With long explanations and wise words in her posts, she’s here to help us dive into grounding techniques, breathing tactics and reacting vs responding. All which contribute to a healthy relationship, so be sure to master these to be a (guaranteed) cooler, calmer and enlightened partner and person to be around!

@drlaurenfogelmersy relationship quote



Now if you are looking for some blunt but extremely truthful advice, look no further. Mark Groves is a human connection specialist and is here to offer you tips and advice on relationships that we may not want to hear, but surely need to! Mark likes to create IGTV’s and goes live from time to time to make sure that all your questions are answered. He’ll talk about everything from “why is he not looking at my stories anymore?” to “how do I heal from heartbreak or infidelity”?

@createthelove Relationship advice accounts and quote



Tory Eletto refers to herself as an imperfect human and relatable therapist. If there’s one thing we love about her, it’s that she levels with you and always shows compassion. It’s hard to feel like you’re not spending time on a therapist’s couch by reading her posts and captions. She will always encourage you to double check your thoughts and behaviors and see where and how you can improve your relationship.

@nytherapist Relationship advice accounts and quote

To wrap it up, we all know that we can feel like we’re bothering friends and family by talking about the same problems and questions we may have with our partner. We’re not saying don’t do this, and definitely don’t quit your therapy appointments just yet, but the great thing about these amazing Instagram relationship advice accounts, there is no judgement, always an answer and of course, it’s free! We are so hopeful that these instagram accounts can spark some joy and bring some comfort and support in your relationship.

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