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DIY Easter Table Decorations

In need of some inspiration for Easter? Follow these easy yet unique DIY Easter Table decorations for a perfect Easter Brunch Table!

By Edvin Brobeck


Watch Now: DIY Easter Table Decorations

See how you can create DIY Easter Table Decorations, including a spring table centerpiece and napkin bunnies, and style your Easter brunch table, step by step!


To make the Pinterest DIY Easter Table Centerpiece, you’ll need:

1. A green or florist foam wreath

2. Some flowers, we’re using fake ones

3. Decorative Mini- Eggs

4. Feathers

5. Some ribbon

6. Extra leaves

7. Green wire

8. Scissors or a screwdriver to make holes


Make a Pinterest DIY Easter Table Centerpiece

Step 1 – Start out with a clear workspace and trim your flower stems down, this is especially important if you’re using fake flowers.

Step 2 – Grab your leaf garland and attach it to the foam ring. You can either wrap it, or use the green wire to secure it.

Step 3- Next, take some scissors or a small screwdriver and start adding holes into the foam. Make sure you angle the holes so that the flowers will lie flat once added.

Step 4 – Start adding in your flowers. Select the largest flowers you want to use (we picked tulips as the petals are large) and start adding them into the foam ring. Make sure to leave nice even spaces between them.

Step 5 – Finally, add ribbons, feathers, or any other decorative items you’d like.  

DIY Easter Table Decorations spring wreath napkin bunny


To make the DIY Napkin Bunnies, you’ll need:

1. Some clean linen napkins in any color

2. Brown twine or string

3. Leftover décor items from the centerpiece


Make Napkin Bunny DIY Easter Table Decorations

Step 1 – Fold your napkin into a triangle

Step 2 – Fold it down so the top point of the triangle meets the side

Step 3 – Fold the rest of the sides upwards towards the top, so that they start to look like rabbit ears

Step 4 – Bring the outsides in so that you make a little oval shape in the bottom

Step 5 – Grab a short piece of string and tie it around, leaving enough room for your boiled egg

Step 6 – Add in the boiled egg, and make sure that it sits comfortably in the oval fold of the napkin.

Step 7 – Finally, decorate the napkin with any pretty Easter décor that suits your taste

Easter Decoration Ideas For Home

DIY Easter Table Decorations spring wreath napkin bunny Mapiful classic
Classic Mapiful poster – Mono Style

Add a touch of color to your Easter brunch table with these Easter decoration ideas for home. Try any of these ideas for styling DIY Easter table decorations to create a Pinterest-worthy set up for your weekend.

Edible Ornaments

Decorations that look good enough to eat! Edible Easter ornaments are a beautiful and tasty way to liven up your Easter brunch table. From charcuterie boards to spring cheesecakes, creating an edible centerpiece is going to make your table décor even more special.

Spring Colors

Easter invites us to play with color at home! If you like bright, try pairing a mustard yellow tablecloth with contrasting napkins for a fun twist. Table runners are your friend, and can really accentuate your Pinterest DIY spring table centerpiece. Easter doesn’t always have to be excessive, though! Go light with spring pastel tones, linen table cloths, natural wood serving bowls and dried flowers and feathers for a paired back, farmhouse feel.

Personalized Decor

Easter is a time that is often spent with family, and the focus on nature and natural elements often takes us back to our memories of our favorite places and people.

Design a Mapiful poster that celebrates the connection you have to your favorite place, and keep it close above your dinner table so that you can share the stories about it with your guests again and again.

DIY Easter Table Decorations spring wreath napkin bunny

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