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Father’s Day Gifts – Custom Posters Designed For Dads

Searching for last minute Father’s Day gifts? Look no further than Mapiful. Our personalised wall prints are sure to bring that warm fuzzy feeling.

By Edvin Brobeck

How To Create Father’s Day Posters

Looking to branch out from new socks and get creative with Father’s Day posters this year? Mapiful are one step ahead of you! Give the gift of a stroll down memory lane, recognition of a major milestone or a nod to their personal hero with our stunning custom wall art. Whether you are celebrating your dad, grandfather or partner this Father’s Day, Mapiful gives you the chance to honour the important male figures in your life by reviving accomplishments, locations and memories with our personalised prints. Continue reading to see how you can create four different personalised Father’s Day gifts using three simple steps.


His Favourite Place

White map poster of Lancaster, United Kingdom

Immortalize the place closest to his heart with map art!

Be it his hometown, the place he bought his first home, where he met his partner or the birthplace of his first child, this Father’s Day poster gift will bring his story to life.

Step 1 – Enter your location

Enter an important location or coordinates, then zoom and drag to create a beautiful map.

Step 2 – Choose your style

Choose your colours, style and fonts to create a map art piece tailored to their style.

Step 3 – Customize your headers

Write a personal message, memory or text and create custom headers.


The Night His Child Was Born

White star map poster of Xativa, Spain

Bring the night it all began to life with the Mapiful star map print!

Eternalize the stars that shone on their bundle of joy’s first night in this world. Create the perfect first Father’s Day gift with a stroll down memory lane by visualising his first night sky as a father, and remind him of all the nights that have passed, and those that are to come. 

Step 1: Enter birth date

Input the date of birth or birthplace of their child and the exact constellations will be generated

Step 2 – Choose the style

Pick a preset theme to find the design and color scheme that best suits dad

Step 3 – Customize the text

Create custom headers with a personal message, memory or text


 His Child’s Star Sign

black and white pisces constellation map poster

Take a snapshot of his child’s personality and commemorate their date of birth with a zodiac Mapiful

Showcase the qualities their star sign possesses, and how this makes them special.  Recognizing the characteristics associated with their child’s zodiac will serve as a reminder of their strength and the bond of father and child.

Step 1 – Enter birth date

The date entered will accurately depict the according zodiac  

Step 2 – Choose the style

Pick from the styles and colour schemes that best fits with dad’s taste

Step 3 – Customize the text

Add their zodiac  element and attributes or a personal message to customise the headers


His Sporting Hero

Black text art poster of a football player

Give Dad’s sporting hero their own place on his wall with text-artl!

Create high-quality wall art featuring dad’s favourite sportsperson or team. Having this piece on display as a reminder of his love of the game and friendships made through the support of a team are sure to bring a smile to his face this Father’s Day

Step 1 – Upload your image

Choose an image of his favourite sportsperson or team

Step 2 – Choose your repeated text

A quote from their favourite player or the motto of their sports team – these words will appear repeatedly written across your chosen image

Step 3 – Select your style

Pick one of the six available styles that is best suited to the interior of their home. You can then choose the font that the text will appear in

Step 4 – Customize your headers

Write the name or location of the home stadium of his team or their most important sporting title to add the finishing touches


Father’s Day Poster Wall

Father's Day Poster Wall
Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Why not create a storyboard of fatherhood with a collection of Mapifuls that depict the journey so far. These wall art pieces can be easily added over time to honour future milestones.


The Final Word On Father’s Day Gifts

At Mapiful, we aspire to celebrate all the things that make life special, from moments to milestones, from friendships to family. 

This Father’s Day, take the opportunity to acknowledge the chapters of the life story of the person who embodies fatherhood to you with a custom Mapiful wall piece. Create your Father’s Day Gifts today.

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