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Gemini Season 2021 is Here – This is How it Will Affect You

As Gemini Season 2021 rolls around, the Twins, third sign of the Zodiac, take the spotlight. Read on to discover the key dates, planetary alignments, and what it has in store for you.

By Edvin Brobeck

Gemini Season 2021 dates

May 20 – June 21. After the calm of the month of Taurus, airy energy can leave us itching to get out in the fresh air and take back control of our lives in Gemini Season 2021.

But what else does the power of two have in store?


Gemini Season 2021 Means Getting Connected

dark zodiac astrology poster of gemini season

Saturn is in retrograde during this season, which may make us feel a little retrospective and allow us to ponder on what we’ve been missing in our lives lately, as well as reflecting on what we have learnt during the turbulent times of 2020.

There is also a rare super blood moon eclipse in Sagittarius taking place towards the end of May. This doesn’t happen often, and signals a period of transformation that allows us to experience growth and rebirth.

Gemini is known for being a social and charismatic sign, and for most of us, this social interaction is just what we’ve been missing these last few crazy months! It’s a good time to reach out to others, let them know how much they mean to us, and engage in open and connecting conversation.

Even if it’s just virtually, now is the time to share in laughter, and have a proper honest chat with someone you care about.

Monthly Gemini Checklist:

Call your friends.
Set aside weekly zoom meetings for social time!
Manage your time with a schedule. 
Take a short walk for some fresh air.


Twins Take the Reins

bright zodiac astrology poster of gemini season

Mars will start to move into Leo during Gemini Season 2021. This can make us feel inspired to take action through the passionate and energetic energy it is sure to bring with it!

Productivity at work and in personal projects can stay on the up, buoyed by Leo and Gemini’s high and childlike energy, as long as we are able to take control and do things at our own pace!

This productive mindset can also represent a good grounding for speaking our minds and communicating about what we want to achieve and what works best for us. This will better help with handling stress, and allow us to make clearer progress on our goals as the months moves forward.

Things are looking up. We’ve got this!

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