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How To: Halloween Table Decorations For Kids Party

Featured creator @xomyhome shows you how to style a fun kid's halloween tablescape that is simple, whimsical, affordable and low-maintenance!

By Edvin Brobeck

How to Create a Fun and Simple Kid’s Halloween Tablescape

Find out how you can create your halloween table decorations for a kids party!

Words and pictures by @xomyhome

My goal for this kid’s Halloween table was to create something that is simple, whimsical, affordable and low-maintenance. Kids are messy and they probably couldn’t care less whether they are eating on fancy china with gold flatware or paper plates and plastic forks!


Halloween Table Decorations

To decorate my entire table, I opted to use some of my existing Halloween decorations such as the pumpkins, banners, candle holder, the faux blood napkin, Halloween tree with ornaments, and skeleton. So feel free to dig through your Halloween box tucked away in your garage or basement and see what you can use to create your own whimsical kid’s Halloween table.

Use existing decorations…”

Everything else I purchased from the dollar section at Target: the broomsticks, the pumpkin paper plates, napkins, mini black caldron, faux plants, mini mason jars, paper straws and black tablecloth.


Halloween Table Decorations

As much as I didn’t want to make it over the top scary, I did want to add some of the traditional Halloween ghouls. That is why I decided to add the skeleton (Mr Bones) in one of the seats to play up the fun factor and have him enjoy the meal with the kids.

Now if anyone is scared, then he can easily be removed and put back into his grave.

We absolutely love Halloween in our family!

I also added some faux spider webs over the centrepiece (the Halloween tree) but did not add any creepy crawlers because I wanted to keep it light and those could be too much while trying to enjoy a meal.


Halloween Table Decorations

My kid’s halloween table was set outside because I live in Florida and there are very few months where a meal outside is actually enjoyable. Since it is typically a bit cooler during the month of October, I figured this would be a great opportunity to eat outside.

Also, I usually have some fun craft and decorating activities for the kids after their meal so keeping the mess outside would definitely help maintain my sanity.

To style this table I used less than $20 to purchase everything I needed, on top of the existing decor I already had. This was very simple and inexpensive to create.

Your kids and their friends would absolutely love it, even if you are not planning a kids party, why not simply enjoy a fun Halloween family dinner with your kiddos!

Enjoy these halloween table decorations for your kids party, and Happy Halloween!

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