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How To Create A Home Gym For Practicing Mindfulness

5 simple steps to creating your own home gym. By incorporating mindfulness into your routine, your workouts will become more efficient and you will gain a positive mind!

By Edvin Brobeck


Find A Space In Your Home That You Can Dedicate To Exercise

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First and foremost, before you do anything, you will need to decide where you want your gym to be. It can be anything from a spare bedroom, office, patio, basement or even an unused part of a room.

All you need to keep in mind is that you need to have enough space where you can move and jump around without knocking things over and hurting yourself.


Unclutter the space you have chosen

Once you have found your perfect space, you have to make sure that it is clean and clutter-free. You will not only want that because you have to have enough space to maneuver and do your exercises but in order to practice mindfulness, you need to have a clear space.

Something that you should also think about is adding plants that will help with the oxygen levels in your room. Choose ones that have great purification abilities like bamboo and ferns. As you are creating a gym where you will practice mindfulness make sure that it has a calming smell to it.


Make sure that you have all the right equipment

Home Gym For Mindfulness gym equipment
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First and most importantly you will need to have a good pad that will not only make it soundproof, but it will also protect your joints as you won’t be jumping on a hard surface. Once you have a good surface you can work out on, you should add equipment.

Obviously, you will need to have what every gym has, and that is weights, workout racks, yoga blocks, bands or any piece of equipment that you think you might need. Always make sure that you are choosing the best quality brands such as CyberFit so you ensure that the equipment is safe to work out with. The key to creating a space where you will be able to practice mindfulness is to have a way to clear the space and sit with your thoughts and meditate.

You should create a space where you can multitask and create a meditation heaven for yourself. Something that you should shoot for is to create a space that is relaxing. Think about adding yoga blankets so you give your space some dimension and texture. When you are not practicing mindfulness, you can store all your yoga equipment in an oversized basket or in anything that works well with your space. Once you have established your space and start working out, you will easily be able to add more equipment like medicine balls or dumbbells. Start with a simple space and then keep adding as you discover what you need.


Set A Relaxing Mood With Soothing Tones And Warm Lighting

Home Gym For Mindfulness meditiation
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A very important detail that you have to think about when you are creating a home gym where you can practice mindfulness is incorporating warm lighting and soothing color pallets. Soft cream shades will make you feel calm and comfortable, but it is still a neutral color that can work for a gym.

You should also think about installing lights that can be dimmed so you can have a bright light during your workouts and dim it when you are practicing mindfulness.


Create a Good Storage Plan

Home Gym For Mindfulness yoga mat
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The key to having a good amount of equipment without having to dedicate a whole room to the gym, storage is the key. If you are planning on doing simple yoga workouts, a great thing to have are storage containers where you will be able to store all of them when you are not using them.

Pick a storage container that can fit under your bed or in your closet neatly. On the other hand, if you are interested in doing more weight workouts, look into having compact racks where you can store your dumbbells and weights. Keep in mind that whatever you choose needs to be sturdy enough in order not to collapse under pressure.

Now that you know what you need to think about when you are creating a gym that has wellful environment. In the long run, what makes your home gym a palace where you can practice mindfulness is not the space itself, it’s the intention behind it. So, if you don’t have a spare room that you can solely dedicate to making it into a gym doesn’t mean that you can’t do it.  Fill your space with things that make you feel relaxed, but don’t overcrowd it as you should also be able to work out in it.

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