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Line Art: 5 Ways To Create Minimalist Line Art Posters

Join us in jumping on one of the biggest interior trends of the moment! Discover our Line Art collection, and learn five surprisingly simple ways to create your own minimalist Line Art posters, with a personal touch.

By Edvin Brobeck

What is minimalist line art?

Minimalism is a trend that has experienced a revival, and even grown into a way of life. Interior design is no exception to this, and minimalist trends tend to favor clean lines, muted color palettes, and unembellished artwork. Line art, also known as line drawing or minimalist line art, is an easy choice for achieving this minimal style in your interior decor. It is an easily recognizable poster style due to its simplicity, with the posters often showing their subjects broken down into very basic elements. And we can’t lie, we’re a little bit in love with it.

Line art posters ideas

Line art posters complement almost any interior or color scheme. Whether you prefer a scandi inspired decor, or feel your best in a boho home, there are no limits when it comes to bringing this kind of art into your space. Most of the options out there are simply black, white and grey, but bright colors are a beautifully bold choice. They will offset your chosen image beautifully.

The Mapiful collection offers a choice of line drawings, colors and themes so you can find a design that speaks to you. Read on to discover the collection, and try any of these ideas for creating and styling your own personalized posters.


Line art woman

Line Art woman poster

Looking to fill your empty walls with beautiful and minimal art?

This type of feminine line art is extremely popular, but our appealing choice of female silhouettes and faces are not just designed to make your walls look pretty, but also act as an empowering reflection of you. 

Incorporating flowers into these illustrations brings an extra expressive touch to your wall. Add an inspiring quote to your line art woman poster, and let your poster be an uplifting reminder to be admired daily.

When it comes to female bodies, black lines on a white background are a popular choice for this type of line art. Selecting one of our more vibrant colors lets you bring your own flair to your wall art piece.


 Lovers line art

Line art poster of a couple

Create a lovers line art poster, and get a completely unique gift for him or her.

Perfect for special occasions like anniversaries or Valentine’s Day, get inspired by our collection of romantic illustrations. Whether it’s two hands intertwined, a wedding illustration, or a simple kiss, pick an illustration that speaks to you and your loved one. Personalise the text, colours and size to fit their home, in just a few clicks.

We’ll be happy to bet that this will be their most meaningful and cherished item of decor yet!


Baby illustration

line art poster of a baby illustration

Honor your little one whilst never forgetting how small and precious they were at birth, with a baby illustration poster. A great gift for new parents, choose from a newborn baby outline, a freehand drawing depicting pregnancy, or a parent and toddler line illustration.

Pair your baby poster with the color of their nursery. Muted tones work well for these types of prints, especially if you’re creating wall art for a gender neutral nursery.


Dog line art

dog line art

Here’s one for the pet lovers. Create a sweet dog line art with our collection of puppy illustrations.

Our dogs make our lives that little bit brighter, and they deserve their own poster that truly honors them as kings and queens of the house – let’s be honest, they’re really the ones in charge here!

Choose from five of the most popular breeds; labrador and golden retriever, corgi, dachshund, spaniel and poodle. Once selected, customize your dog poster with their name, nickname, or favorite command. Your dog print will be beautifully outlined in the color of your choice – we recommend bold colors like green or purple or black to really make your pooch pop!


Yoga poster

yoga line art poster
Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

Try picking less saturated tones for your yoga poster – our themes in light green and blue or warm beige are perfect for this. Personalize the text by adding your favorite mantra, or any special words that bring you peace.

A peaceful way to introduce line art into your home or studio, these yoga line art posters depict simple poses that remind you to pause and take a moment to be with yourself throughout your day.

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