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Meet the Creator: 6 Questions with Madeleine Ilmrud

Get to know Madeleine, creator of our Nära design. Discover her design tips, and that one thing in her home that she just can’t live without….

By Edvin Brobeck

Meet the Creator: 6 Questions with Madeleine Ilmrud

Get to know Madeleine Ilmrud, co-creator of our Nära design, which is blend of rustic elegance and Scandi modern minimalism.

Learn her top three interior design tips, see her best book for interior inspiration, and discover that one thing in her home that she just can’t live without….


Madeleine Ilmrud And Her Design Style

Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

1. How did your childhood in Sweden influence your design thinking?

I had a really nice childhood and a lot of happy memories with my big family. It was always tidy and neat at home for me. With my roots in Småland, Sweden where my father grew up, I spend all my summers and my free time there, so the Scandinavian spirit has really stuck in my mind and soul.

My Mapiful design is a mixture of old rustic farmhouse and modern Scandinavian design, that blend together in  perfect harmony.

2. How would you style your Mapiful design in an interior setting?

I believe that personality reflects most things in life. I always wanted to tell my story, and therefore my Mapiful design will get the most special place in my living room. It can be styled easily due to its neutral colors, and will fit in perfectly with the traditional and modern blend of decor that I have today.


What Madeleine Ilmrud Can’t Live Without

Two prints framed on a wall - a custom poster of motala and a custom poster of ishult
Custom Star Mapiful poster – Gaia Style

3. What are your top three interior design tips?

My top three interior design tips would be to always add items that are personal to you, make sure to use a harmonious color palette, and ensure your decor is a perfect mix of old and new.

4. What is one thing in your home that you really love, and why?

It is really hard to just name one thing! Each item and piece of decor in my home has its own unique story. But what I would say, is that for me, a home is nothing without its family. That’s something that is really important to me.


Madeleine Ilmrud’s Most Inspiring Tip

Meet the Creator 6 Questions with Madeleine Ilmrud
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Modern Style

5. Do you have a book or designer you recommend for getting interior inspiration?

I love the Kinfolk Table. It might sound strange to have a recipe book as a source of interior inspiration, but the whole book is just a masterpiece, whether you like amazing recipes or the beautiful decor. In this book, you are guaranteed to really find beautiful inspiration.

6. What does Nära mean to you?

Nära is a Swedish word meaning ‘close’ or ‘near’. Everyone has their own story, a memory that is perhaps the most important moment in life. When you first fell in love, got engaged, or had children.

With my roots in Småland, I chose to create a poster with Ishult, I have many memories from there that are ‘close’ to me. I ran there barefoot in the summertime since I was really small, and my father also grew up there. It’s the same for Motala, the city by Lake Vättern where I live, and where my children are growing up.

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