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Reframing Thoughts: Take Negative Thoughts To Positive Feelings

Struggling with racing thoughts, or just can’t seem to take a break from your own mind? We’ve been there. Reframing thoughts might sound crazy, but this may just be the solution you need to translate your negative thoughts to more positive feelings. Read on to download your free thought reframe worksheet, and get started on your path to peace.

By Edvin Brobeck

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Reframing thoughts or cognitive reframing is actually a fairly simple process, and lets you quickly translate negative thought patterns into more rational and positive feelings. The goal is to shift your mindset in order to observe your thoughts in a more neutral way, often by writing down or organizing difficult emotions.

Sounds like something we could all use, right?

Download your free thought reframe worksheet to get started.

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How do I use the thought reframe worksheet?

Step 1 – Write down what happened at the top of the worksheet. This will allow you to get a better view on the situation and observe from a less emotional perspective. What can you learn from this?

Step 2 – List your unhelpful thoughts below, detailing what’s bothering you about the situation and

Step 3 – Make a list of your feelings and emotions attached to these unhelpful thoughts. How do they make you feel? Why are you feeling this way?

Step 4 – Reframe your thoughts into something more positive in the box below. What might be a different way to look at these thoughts and emotions? What can you do to feel better right now? Don’t focus on how silly or small these ideas might be, write them all down.

Step 5 – Think about the outcome of the thought reframe. How are you feeling now? Do you have any learnings or actions you can take right away?

 When can I use the worksheet for reframing thoughts?

Use the cognitive reframing technique to rework existential thoughts, or any time when you’re feeling anxious, stressed or overwhelmed. This approach is usually used in therapy, but whether you are experiencing difficulties at work or in your relationship, copying the worksheet will let you have a few pages handy for when you feel like you need a break from your own thoughts.


Benefits of thought reframing

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There are many benefits for reframing your thoughts and learning how to manage your thoughts. It can not only help to change your mindset, but it can also help you become more compassionate toward yourself and others. It can also help to validate your emotions during those moments when you’re thinking “am I going crazy?”. Overall, we think staying positive is the biggest benefit of reframing your thoughts. Here are some other tips for staying positive when the going gets tough.

Don’t pile on the pressure

We all have bad days. Putting pressure on yourself to feel or think a certain way can often end up backfiring. Go easy, and don’t feel guilty for practising self care and taking a day off when things feel too overwhelming.

Celebrate your achievements

Focusing on the good is a sweet way to bring positivity into your life. Practicing gratitude and allowing yourself to celebrate when something good happens is a form of self love. For example, why not frame those big milestones and achievements in life through creating custom wall art? Hanging a mapiful poster on your wall lets you look back on your achievements and have pride in your journey every day.

Practice positive self-talk

Of course, avoiding toxic positivity is a must, but practicing some positive affirmations and reassuring phrases is proven to keep calm and carry on.

A final word on cognitive reframing


It’s worth saying that you must reach out for help if your thoughts become too much to bear. But the idea behind cognitive reframing is that it can act as a toolkit, which enables you to see your world through a camera lense and lets you distance yourself from overwhelming thoughts. It requires some patience and time to learn to change negative thought patterns, but this method of thought reframing can really change your perspective.

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