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Sagittarius Season 2020: Why It’ll Open Doors For You

After a turbulent and introspective month Sagittarius season is here to bring brightness and clarity to one of the darkest months of the year. Things are looking up, especially for these three signs...

By Edvin Brobeck

When is Sagittarius Season 2020?

Sagittarius Season 2020 is like any other year and is typically between November 22nd – December 21st.

Why will Sagittarius Season 2020 benefit my sign?

After a turbulent and introspective month, both in the stars and on our earth, Sagittarius season is here to bring brightness and clarity to one of the darkest month of the year.

Read on to get your Sag season forecast, and find out which doors it’ll open for you. Spoiler alert – things are looking up, especially for these three signs…


When one door closes…

Sagittarius Season Customer Zodiac Mapiful Pink
Custom Zodiac Mapiful

We haven’t had things easy this year, and the stars have not been giving us much time to relax either. After a long period of difficult astrology and many retrogrades, you may feel a serious lack of energy and quite a bit of uncertainty going into this season, manifesting in lower motivation, at work or in your exercise regime.

You might also have the feeling that a lot of things are changing, without having any idea what these changes are going to look like or what they are going to bring! Don’t worry, all this is going to change during Sagittarius Season.

Lunar Eclipses usually signal the closing of one of life’s chapters, and the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Gemini on November 30th is no exception. It should bring clarity, and help you to feel powerful enough to let go of things that are no longer serving you.

With this, you should also feel the Sagittarius spirit of optimism and expansion beckoning, and you’ll feel inspired to take a new direction or step onto a new path. This can refer specifically to relationships and personal projects, so keep an eye out. When one door closes, another opens!

Monthly Checklist

Learn something new

Check in on the state of your relationships

Practice keeping an open mind

Begin a new workout routine


Adventure awaits this Sagittarius Season

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Custom Zodiac Mapiful

Saturn enters Aquarius on the 17th of December, and this particular alignment is “all about the future, where we are heading, and what changes we have to make in order to navigate this new and emerging world”, according to Tanaaz from Conscious Astrology. So get ready to start thinking about the positives that can come from a new direction!

Sagittarius zodiac or sun signs are the most adventurous of the bunch, and this energy will feel a lot more intensified for all of us this coming month. Sagittarius, Aquarius and Libra will particularly benefit from this!

You’ll feel hungry for expansion, and whilst you may be feeling more and more boxed in with related restrictions, you’ll be able to channel this sense of adventure into self development instead, whether it’s reading a new book, grabbing onto a new skill, or gaining a new perspective from someone who leads a different life to your own.

Hang in there, good things are coming, if you’ll stay open-minded enough to let them in!

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