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Tropical Bedroom Ideas: How To Make Your Bedroom Feel Tropical

Getting away to a tropical destination relieves your stress and makes your problems feel like they are a world away. It’s not always possible to take extended vacations, but you can still relax in a rainforest or beach-themed oasis by redecorating your bedroom. This guide explains how to make your bedroom feel tropical even if you are on a budget. Article by Cora Gold

By Edvin Brobeck

The Style Behind Tropical Bedroom Decor

The tropical bedroom style is on the rise, which involves simple lines, fresh palettes, and of course a ton of greenery. You might consider the look a mix between tranquil and chic.

Rather than overloading your space, whether it’s at the beach or not, with seashell collections and tchotchkes, tropical décor is all about minimal vibes. Here are some of our favorite beachy finds from this season with helpful decorating tips for getting the look at home.


Play with Bright Colors

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You won’t feel like you’re on a gorgeous tropical island if your bedroom has outdated wallpaper.

Colors like deep reds or creams also don’t invoke salty breezes and sandy beaches. Play with potential paint colors to bring the tropics to your home. Bold greens drawn from leafy plants or neutrals will create the first hints of an oceanfront oasis and match any decor.


Use Bamboo Accent Pieces

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Bamboo instantly provides a tropical touch to any room. You could find a bamboo headboard or other pieces of furniture, but those require a sizable budget. Save some money by using accent pieces that feature the same kind of wood. You could decorate with bamboo poles by making art displays or an eye-catching partition.

Hang curtains on a bamboo rod or install it as your new door frame. There are numerous ways to get creative with wood that mainly grows in tropical locations.


Incorporate Silk Flowers

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The vivid colors and unique petals from tropical flowers will add depth and a natural touch to your bedroom. Silk flowers don’t require a green thumb and can work in any arrangement.

Find flower varieties embrace vivid hues, like the bougainvillea flower that pops with a signature tropical color and grows in long pink blossoms. Arrange your silk flowers in different sized vases to play with the empty spaces in your bedroom.

They could even cover your walls if you’re struggling to find art. You’ll love the added texture when the flowers work with your furniture and new wall colors.


Merge Your Favorite Memories

tropical bedroom with plants and memories on the shelf

Waterfront vacations create some of the best memories, so use them to personalize your definition of tropical. You could draw from boating themes to feel like you’re on the water, like decorating with netting and crab traps that represent your love of seaside fishing.

As long as your bedroom includes elements from waterfront memories, it will become the perfect place to relax and surround yourself with happiness.


Replace Your Ceiling Fan

wooden ceiling fan in a white tropical bedroom
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Tropical venues always have a decorative emphasis on cooling off. Although you wouldn’t want tile floors under your bed, you can still give a design nod to the theme by replacing your ceiling fan. Install a new fan that uses creative materials like wicker or woven bamboo blades. You’ll transform it into a focal point that emphasizes the comfortable climate in your room. Don’t worry about using it during the winter and feeling too cold. Decorative ceiling fans will still add to your bedroom even while the weather is cold. Find something that pops so it never blends into the background, especially when you don’t need to cool off.


Go Big With Accessories

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You can’t go wrong with fun bedroom accessories. Put floral print pillows on your sitting chairs and across your bed. Hang curtains with tropical birds or enclose your canopy bed in beautiful white gauze. Even colorful glass baubles or woven lampshades will expand your design theme and give it more coastal charm.

Make Your Bedroom Feel Tropical

Try something new to create a waterfront oasis in your home. Now that you know how to make your bedroom feel tropical, try these interior design ideas to see what works in your space. Whether you utilize fishing decor or choose a bold paint color, you’ll soon have a secret getaway that will help you relax just like a beach vacation.

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