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Unique Ways To Celebrate Mom This Mother’s Day

Flowers and mugs are wonderful gifts, but can feel overdone. Looking to step up your celebrations this Mother’s Day? Look no further!

By Edvin Brobeck


Host a Unique Meal 

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Give your mom an out-of-the-box mother’s day meal with a night off from cooking. Keep it personal by eating at home instead of going out to eat at a crowded restaurant. This year, host a cookout! Enjoy the warm weather in your own backyard, and impress your guests with some new grilling ideas. Whether it’s salmon, a burger, or even some grilled fruit, taking charge of the cooking and preparing a special Mother’s Day meal will feel more personal than taking her out to eat, or worse, making her cook on her special day.


Give A Unique Gift 

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Look for something different this year when it comes to gift-giving. With moms, the more sentimental, the better. Opt for a piece of art. While still being different enough from the run of the mill Mother’s Day gift, a framed canvas will still hold sentimental value. A customizable street map print or zodiac sign print can provide fond memories, as well as serve as a piece of decor for her home, reminding your mom of how much you love her. This is a gift that keeps on giving! New decor is useful year-round and can be proudly displayed in your mother’s home, providing greater joy than any bouquet of flowers ever could.


Be Unique With Your Time 

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The best way to honor your mom on Mother’s Day is by giving her your undivided time and attention. Whether this be a phone call (if you can’t be with her in person), or stopping by for a chat. The moms in our life always crave more quality time , so sitting down to talk and focusing your attention will be the greatest gift of all. Rather than spending the time buying extravagant gifts or simply tossing a card in the mail, use your time to make a meaningful impact on your mom this Mother’s Day.

Sharing memories, telling jokes, and catching up on everyday life is actually suggested to be healthy for aging parents! Strengthening your connection with your parents is a great way to improve both of your mental health and happiness, as well as create a safe space to express yourself and vice versa. The relationship you have with your parents is one that you cannot replace, so taking the time to build and strengthen this relationship throughout the years is worthwhile.


Make Mom Feel Special

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Above all else, Mother’s day is about making your mom feel special, and nobody knows how to do that better than you. For the moms who already have it all, try one of these options to make this Mother’s Day stand out from the rest. 

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