Cancer Season 2020 is Here – This is What it Means For You

(June 21st – July 22nd)

For most of us, summer has finally arrived with the true shift of the seasons being marked by the longest day, and the Summer Solstice. This shift also signals the beginning of Cancer Season!

But what does the season of the crab mean for you? Well, after the more carefree and sociable energy of Gemini season wears off, things are going to start getting a little intense…

Own your Emotions

Cancer Sun signs are known for being just a little emotional, and therefore, it comes as no surprise that this season is no exception!

Our emotions during this time will have no trouble popping out to say hello, and they will affect every part of our lives, from school and our careers, to what’s going on in our living situations.

Whether these emotions feel permanent or end up flip-flopping between extremes, we are going to be feeling them more strongly than usual during the coming month.

Buckle up, and maybe invest in a good waterproof mascara, just in case!

Monthly Checklist

Start a mood tracker.

Keep a diary or journal handy as an emotional outlet!

Contact a family member or someone you trust. 

Curate a gratitude list for the month.

Positive Vibes Only

Don’t fret, though! There are positives to be found throughout this month.

It is important that we surround ourselves with people who truly understand and care about us during this time, so that we can feel assured that we can mindfully recognise our emotions, and own them by directing them into a positive direction, rather than letting them own us!

We can also start to give gratitude and thanks for the important things in life. For example, the Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn around the 5th of July will bring us a shift in our perspectives, allowing us to let go of what’s no longer serving us, and realize what we are truly grateful for.

This cycle can sound intimidating, but hang in there! We are likely to end up learning more than we think this month.