How to Build Your Own Mini Zen Garden

We have all been there – “I need a big enough villa that comes with an even bigger garden”. How about starting small and trying something that takes much less work but is still fabulous?
Here’s our short guide on how to create a mini Zen garden that lights up your space and brings a sense of zen into your life. After all, what better way to experience the gift of nature than having it grow inside your home?

Zen Garden, Mapiful

What is a Zen garden?

The Zen garden, also known as the Japanese rock garden, came into form with Chinese origin and Japanese influence in the 1300s. It is a landscape formed by sand, stones, pruned trees and plants with soft-textures to imitate the essence of nature. It provides a serene setting for mediation.

Zen Garden, Mapiful

What do I need to create my own zen garden?

First, we need some soil, sand and stone to form the basis of the garden. They are easily attainable and we are sure that you can find some stones that are pretty-looking!

Then, select some plants – We chose asparagus fern and a succulent for their resemblance of bamboo and lotus flower, but you may use any miniature plants you prefer. Moss gives that green cosiness we love – and it’s easy to find everywhere!

Lastly, you need a container for your little garden. A simple ceramic dish will do! We also need to prepare a fork to “rake” patterns in the sand.

Zen Garden, Mapiful

Getting started

Step 1 – Lay your ceramic dish with stones to provide good drainage.

Step 2 – Add a layer of soil as the base for the plants.

Step 3 – Carefully remove plants from the container for repotting.

Zen Garden, Mapiful

Step 4 – Identify your preferred spots and plant the plants.

Step 5 – Line the borders with stones and add in the sand.

Step 6 – Place the stones as you like in the sand and use a fork to “rake” patterns in the sand.

It is usually raked into ripply shapes to add an illusion of water feature, but feel free to use your imagination and creativity!

Zen Garden, Mapiful

Voila! Now, sit back and admire your very own zen garden. It might be mini in size, but it is powerful for developing focus, enhancing well-being and is effective into removinge your stress.

Now, who’s ready to spend the weekend mini-gardening? Don’t forget to share your finished result – wow us with your creativity!

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