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Fall Bucket List: 25 Activities For Both Indoors And Out

The new season brings many new scenarios. Feeling lost? Grab a warm drink, cozy up with our ultimate fall bucket list, and get inspired to feel good this autumn!

By Edvin Brobeck

How to build your fall bucket list

Read our ultimate fall bucket list, and boost your mood this autumn!

A new season brings new trends, new activities, and lots of unpredictability. The solution? We wish we knew. But more snug moments spent with loved ones can certainly help. 

Whether you’re looking to revamp your interior with fall decor, searching for fall baking ideas, or crazy for fall craft inspiration, browse our list of 25 activities for both indoors and out and tick off one idea each day, or get inspired to make your own!


 Revamp your interior with fall decor

Fall map poster of prag
Custom Classic Mapiful poster – Red Style

1. Ace your fall color scheme 

Pick a highlight color that screams autumn, and incorporate it into your decor by replacing cushion covers, and adding candle holders, napkins and cute signs. 

2. Revamp your decor

Have some fun by adding seasonal fall decor. Think autumn candles, decorative leaves, pumpkin ornaments. Don’t get us started on table decorations!

3. Hang a wreath 

Spruce up your porch, entryway or even your walls with an autumn wreath. 

4. Get out your favorite blankets

This is one of the easiest ways to bring the cozy and revamp your decor for fall. 

5. Light candles 

Mood lighting is key. Candles in all shapes and sizes scream fall.

6. Create a Mapiful 

Design your own custom map poster that celebrates your biggest achievement, a moment, or a special place, and re-decorate your walls for fall!


Cosy up to creativity

Fall craft ideas

7. Paint leaves

Great if you have little ones. This is a cheap way to get crafty, and also create some truly personalized decor. No leaf is the same, right?

8. Carve pumpkins 

A fall and halloween classic. Turn on some tunes, grab a warm drink and get creative. Make sure to add a tea-light inside to bring some extra shine!

9. Create a gratitude journal 

Take time to be thankful and celebrate what you’ve achieved this year. Check out our favorite accounts for bullet lists and journaling inspiration here.

10. Knit a scarf or cozy sweater 

If you’re looking for a therapeutic evening away from your screen, why not knit yourself something cozy! These also make great hand-made gifts too.

11. Curate a playlist

Mood music will always take you back to any season. Check out the Mapiful Fall Playlist here, the perfect accompaniment for spooky season!

12. Change your wallpaper for fall 

No, we don’t mean just at home! Update your desktop and phone backgrounds on your devices to a fall wallpaper to always get that autumn mood.


Fall baking ideas

Fall baking ideas pumpkin souffle

13. Get baking

From cakes, and pastries to cookies, you could pick pretty much any apple, cinnamon or pumpkin treat, and your stomach would thank you later! Missed or delicious pumpkin souffle recipe? Catch it here

14. Drink apple cider 

The most autumnal drink! It also tastes absolutely amazing and you can often buy a locally brewed variety for a true taste of fall.

15. Toast s’mores

Bonfire or not, melting marshmallows and creating s’mores is an easy and cozy way to create a comforting sweet treat! Great for kids with a sweet tooth.


Fall bucket list ideas for relaxation

Cinnamon sticks in a jug next to fall leaves

16. Binge your favorite fall movies

The perfect excuse to spend an evening with Netflix! Here are some of our Mapiful staff picks:
Hotel Transylvania
Harry Potter
Hocus Pocus
Sleepy Hollow 

17. Get into a video game

Because sometimes we need to escape back to childhood for a minute, right? Grab some snacks and get settled in!

18. Board game night

The best time to gather with friends and family and unwind! If it’s not possible to meet in person, there are tonnes of online games you can play as a group.

19. Read a seasonal book

Here are some of our favorites:
The Secret History – Donna Tartt
After the Rain – Alexandra Elle
Autumn – Ali Smith
Their Eyes Were Watching God – Zora Neale Hurston
Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn – Kenard Pak

20. Practice self-care

Darker days can bring different feelings and thoughts to the forefront of your mind. Take time this fall to practice self-care, whatever that means to you!


Explore the great fall outdoors

Fall photo inspo taking a picture on a phone
Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

21. Go for a drive or hike

Step out and see the fall colors and leaves falling around you! Plus, exercise is great for the mind and body. Can’t get outside? Read our tips for creating a mindful home gym here.

22. Have a fall picnic

Bundle up and bring your tea flask! This is one of the best ways to enjoy an out of doors meet up surrounded by fall leaves!

23. Swing by a pumpkin patch

Drink some pumpkin spice latte, pick out a pumpkin and explore. Usually there are some fun activities to choose from as well, for both adults and kids.

24. Visit a corn maze

For some good old spooky fun! Tip – better with friends.

25. Attend a harvest festival

If you are able to attend one of these, you’re guaranteed an afternoon of fun. Renaissance fairs and festivals often happen at this time of year too, if you’re looking to add a fantasy twist to your day.