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Mindful Living: 5 Tips to Introduce Peace into Your Interior Style

Your home can be a source of peace and zeal, or it can be a source of stress and negativity – the way you design and decorate every room will make all the difference. Let’s put all of that into perspective and give you the five tips you can use to introduce peace and eco-conscious living into your interior style.

By Edvin Brobeck


Start By Building A Neutral Foundation

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To introduce peace into your interior style it is important to build a peaceful living environment with the foundation of your interior design, which is your color scheme. While many colors can exude a peaceful aura, it’s typically best to stick with truly neutral hues like white and off-white colors, and earthy tones.

These colors are perfect for a neutral foundation because they allow you to get creative with the rest of the design, and they allow the décor to come to life in its various contrasts and complementary hues.

In other words, a neutral foundation gives you freedom to explore and express yourself. It’s also deeply calming and makes every room feel more capacious while letting natural light saturate the ambiance. This is the recipe for peace and positivity.


Introduce Inspirational Wall Art

Introduce Peace into Your Interior Style plants

Wall art comes in many forms, colors, shapes, and sizes, and it can complement your interior design or create a vibrant contrast to energize the space – the choice is up to you.

There is no denying that wall art can tie a room together and bring out certain focal points, but you need to use it strategically to achieve the effect you’re after. For example, you can create a dreamy gallery wall to create a point of interest in the living room or your home office that will break any monotony. 

This wall can be filled with complementary artwork, beautiful posters and family photos, and all sorts of memorabilia that creates a soothing ambiance.

You can also choose to hang wall art to simply complement the neutral foundation in every room without crowding the wall, which will add a dash of variety to an otherwise peaceful setting. This will really help you introduce peace into your interior style.


Accentuate The Floor With Natural Rugs

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One of the best ways to complement eco-conscious living with a serene approach to interior design is to pay special attention to the floors.

The way your feet feel as you’re walking through your home throughout the day can influence your mood and well-being significantly, so it’s important to master the rug layering technique to bring form and function together. If you do it right, then you will create a comfortable living environment, insulate your floors, and elevate the aesthetics of every room.

That said, you also have to be mindful of the environment and local artisans that make your rugs.

A big part about eco-conscious and sustainable living is supporting the local workers and economy, so be sure to choose rugs from sustainable brands, made out of eco-friendly materials by local artists and professionals. 


Embrace A Semi-minimalist Approach

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You don’t need to be a minimalist at heart to create peaceful living space. That said, this doesn’t mean that minimalism isn’t beneficial in this regard, as introducing it at least partially in your home can go a long way.

Semi-minimalism is one of the cornerstones of the popular Hygge design and lifestyle, as it eliminates the clutter from your life and allows you to enjoy your home fully. To achieve this look and feel, simply declutter every room, donate the furniture you don’t need to open up the space, and keep the interior organized and tidy.


Let Natural Elements Imbue Your Living Space

Last but not least, a big part of eco-conscious and mindful living is decorating with natural elements to bring the beauty and peace of nature into your home.

The hectic modern lifestyle has disconnected us from nature, so it’s important that you move towards a more biophilic design and introduce natural elements like greenery, reclaimed wood, jute, and the like into your home. 

Wrapping Up

Mindful living can mean many things, and people often forget that their interior design can play an important role. With these design tips in mind, you can transform your living environment into a peaceful oasis, one that will help you banish stress and anxiety from your life.

Lilly Miller

Now more than ever before, it is important to imbue your living environment with peace and serenity. This might seem difficult to achieve right now, but it’s possible if you turn your attention to your living environment.!

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