What is Scandinavian Interior Design?

As the interior style which originally lent the inspiration for our classic city Mapiful, our prints feel at home in this kind of interior. But what is the real meaning behind Scandinavian interior styling?

Thanks to our Swedish roots, we think we might know a thing or two on the subject. Go and grab some fika, and get ready to mysa with us!* 

*In Swedish, this means: let’s cosy up with a cup of coffee!

Scandinavian Interior

Inspired by home

The clue is in the name! This modern yet minimalistic styling actually takes its inspiration from the landscape and lifestyle of the Scandinavian countries.  

Originating in Norway, Denmark and Sweden in the mid 20th century, it became known in the other Nordic countries of Finland and Iceland, and has enjoyed ongoing worldwide popularity ever since.

Scandinavian citizens value nature and are known for spending a lot of time out of doors. As such, the clean lines and textures of the Nordic landscape lent inspiration to those found in Scandi styling. 

The need for comfort that long cold Scandinavian winters bring also played a part. Coziness rituals are a big part of the Nordic lifestyle, so this type of interior invites big cosy blankets, deep sofas and a place to serve warm cups of coffee. Winters in the Nordics are dark, too, so a focus on light in the space is necessary. Think minimalist candle sticks, and bright windowsill lamps!

Image by @satumainen_hirsitalo

Scandinavian Interior

Cool, Calm Design

A focus on clean lines and functionality defines the Scandinavian interior. Simple storage, modern furnishings, and minimal light fittings work together to create a striking and practical vibe that never seems to go out of date.

This doesn’t mean that it skimps on coziness and style though. It is one of the most aesthetically pleasing interior styles, and one reason for this is its love of cosy accessories whilst maintaining a general lack of clutter. Imagine a tidy space where everything fits perfectly into its own spot, and necessities are conveniently on hand. Satisfying, right?

This style just oozes a sense of calm, and maybe this is why many find it oh so appealing.

Image by @fourlittlelondons

Scandinavian Interior

Meet the Colours

Scandinavian style lends itself well to bright, modern spaces, but can be incorporated into any kind of home due to its versatile colour scheme.

It favours a humble, monochrome pallet to create a simple and peaceful environment, incorporating different shades of cream, grey and often black to create an uncomplicated style that is easy to accessorise. 

It doesn’t only favour cooler colours, either. This style is all about cosiness, and warm tan colours working together alongside natural wood pieces, to make us feel ready to stay indoors and cosy up!

Image by @kulinse

Scandinavian Interior

Can’t get enough of Scandi styling?

Take a peek at our Mapiful Style Guide to see how to incorporate your Mapiful into a Scandinavian style interior.

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