Meet our Zodiac prints

Into astrology? Embrace what is already written in the stars with these high quality, on-trend prints.

Find the star sign that corresponds to your birthday and discover even more about you or the people you love!

On-trend, minimal illustrations

The constellation of the stars in your Zodiac signs, beautifully illustrated and visualised. Each print also incorporates the astronomical symbol for each sign, in a sleek minimal style.

Show your uniqueness

Once you’ve selected your sign, express your individuality through any of our on-trend designs to match your style and home. Classic, Modern, Minimalistic or Vintage – we’ve got you covered.

Customize to reveal more about your sign

Each print can be easily customised to include the typical traits of the selected sign and the date of your choice, as well as birthstone, planets and symbol.

“I found the cutest gift for my best friend! She’s in love with her Taurus print, it fits so nice in her new apartment…”


Ayva Xiong


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