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7 Refreshing Spring Interior Design Tips You Will Love

Winter is turning a corner, so it is time to start decluttering your spaces to get them in shape for the warmer weather. Discover 7 must-know spring interior design tips and trends for 2021 that you'll absolutely love.

By Edvin Brobeck


Decorate with Greenery

Custom Zodiac Astrlogy Poster of Taurus In A Spring Interior Design Setting
Custom Zodiac Mapiful Poster – Venus

There is no better way to welcome the spring season than with gorgeous plants. They can liven up your empty spaces and brighten surfaces. 

When choosing plants for your spring interior design, there are no strict rules. Play around and unleash your creativity. While pretty flower arrangements are always a perfect addition to your interior design, you can also choose to bring more of the outdoors in

Give your home a bit of a tiki feel with elephant ear plants and banana leaves. Decorate your coffee table with a large basket full of seasonal plants and flowers. Combine real and faux greenery and add them to every room in your home.


Redecorate your Patio

Even if you cannot afford a full-scale patio redesign, you can still add small improvements. 

For example, artificial turf installation can be an affordable and effective way to boost your old concrete and block patios.

Repaint your chairs in bright and pastel colors to welcome spring. 

Add bright-colored throw pillows and add multiple layers to create a cozy corner for sipping your morning coffee.


Combine Neutrals and Pastels

Custom Romantic Star Map Poster In A Spring Interior Design Setting
Custom Romantic Star Mapiful Poster

Apart from brightening your spaces and making them look larger, neutrals also a perfect base color. 

White, beige, grey, golden sands, ivory – think of these quitter color palettes as a blank canvas you can further decorate. 

Remember that spring is a time of rebirth. Your interior should reflect renewal a freshness, as well.Swap dark colors with pastels. Choose your accent color to revamp your living room design.  For example, whether as throw pillows, a bold painting, or an accent chair, pastels can add softness and bring new life to your home in spring.


Style with Mirrors

Custom Map Poster of Frankfurt Am Main In A Spring Interior Design Setting
Custom Map Poster of Frankfurt Am Main

Whether you want to amplify light or make your interiors feel open and airy, a thoughtfully selected mirror is your safest bet. 

A statement mirror creates a sense of artistry in interior design and serves as a focal point. It is perfect for sprucing out transition areas of your home. 

A simple glass window can be a perfect option for your bedroom. It gives the space an inviting touch and makes it brighter.


Use Lighter Fabrics

Fabrics are probably the most underestimated interior design element. When thoughtfully chosen, they can play a crucial role in your spring interior design.

For starters, replace your heavy cable knit and merino blankets with lighter fabrics. For example, bright-colored silk cushion covers and bedsheets will give your bedroom a rich feel. Silk is so delicate, soft, and shiny, which makes it perfect for spring.

As per colors, combine neutrals to make your room feel larger and brighter. By layering beige with pale pink tones, for instance, you will add a pop of color to your room.


Use Raw Wood and Natural Fabrics

One of the biggest spring interior design trends

The raw interior design style is one of the hottest trends this year. It helps you live in harmony with the environment. Most importantly, it creates comfort, warmth, and organic beauty in every room in your home. 

Whether in the form of a shelf or wall art, the raw wood decor is a gorgeous spring interior design idea. Consider combining your furniture and accessories with eco-friendly and natural materials, such as hemp, linen, or cotton.


Change Up your Pillows

spring decor pillow covers
Pillows create cohesiveness between furniture and accessories

While pillows may seem like a small part of the spring interior process design, they can elevate your spaces in so many ways.

Throw pillows are an affordable way to refresh your home. Whether in your bedroom or living room, replace dark and muted winter colors for pastels and florals. When choosing colors, create cohesiveness between furniture and accessories. 

For example, if your walls and furniture are in neutral colors, bring in a pop of color with pastel pillows. 

Or, if you have a statement piece of furniture that adds excitement to your room, choose throw pillows in neutrals. For example, soft beige and pale rose pillows would look great on a creamy pink ottoman. 

Whichever design style you choose, always make sure that colors, patterns, and fabrics accentuate your furniture and bring light to a room.

Ready to Update your Home for Spring?

Freshen up your spaces and welcome the spring season ready. 

With these inexpensive spring interior design tips, you will manage to breathe new life into your spaces.

Sure, that is not a comprehensive list of all interior design ideas you may use, but it may serve as your solid starting point.

Article by Eve Anderson

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