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How To Make A Small Bathroom Look Bigger

Smart design can do wonders for lack of space! Here are a few tips that will make your small bathroom look and feel bigger.

By Edvin Brobeck


Go monotone

Modern street map poster of Sneek Nederland, in a small monotone bathroom
Custom Mapiful poster of Sneek

Using a lot of colours in your design visually clutters the space. It is why it would be the best idea to go to one main colour in your small bathroom. Paint the walls and the ceiling to a light neutral colour – this will open up space. Choosing tile that contrasts your wall colour is not recommended. Make as many things the same colour as you can for the best effect. Naturally, white is a perfect colour for a small bathroom since nothing enlarges the space more effectively. But you do not necessarily have to go for a single shade. You can also combine various grey tones or even beige for a similarly airy feel.


Mirror, mirror on the wall

Modern streetmap poster of paris, france, in a small bathroom
Custom Mapiful poster of Paris

Mirrors are a staple in interior design when it comes to making a room look bigger. They not only create an optical illusion of space, but they are also so useful because of their light-reflecting properties. Install a large mirror strategically, and your bathroom will immediately look bright and large. Go as big as you can here: get a mirror that reaches the ceiling for a luxurious feel and light it up properly to reap all the benefits.


Use a glass shower

Beautiful glass shower with plants
Open up the space with glass

In a small bathroom, the shower takes up quite a lot of space. Needless to say, an unsightly shower curtain not only ruins the aesthetics of your bathroom but also makes the already small space feel even smaller, cutting off a large portion of the room. To open up space, the best solution would be going for a glass shower cabin that does not obstruct the view. Frameless models look sleek. If you are worried about privacy, you can go for textured glass instead of clear.


Add more storage

Asphalt star map poster of granville park, canada, in a small bathroom
Custom Star Mapiful poster of Granville Park

As we mentioned in the beginning, storage is an especially critical issue in small bathrooms. Clutter will stress you out and make your bathroom experience frustrating, so you can’t skip dealing with this problem. Firstly, declutter your bathroom and throw away what’s unnecessary. Make sure you keep your counter/sink area minimal and instead store toiletries in cabinets so as not to visually clutter the room. Make the most of your drawers and cabinets by getting organizers that will keep the mess at bay. Turntables, magnetic strips, and hooks will all come in handy.


Install recessed cabinets

bathroom cabinet with toiletries
Store your towels and toiletries smartly

As we just mentioned, investing in clever storage solutions pays off. You can always make use of your wall space by hanging additional shelves and hooks to hold your towels and toiletries. However, covering every square inch will suffocate the small space even further. A seamless solution would be installing recessed cabinets that will hold all your necessities while not looking obtrusive. These take up no space at all but boost the storage capacity of your bathroom by miles, so if you are up for some remodelling, don’t skip this addition.


Save space with practical fixtures

Modern map poster of Jacksonville, United States, in a small bathroom
Custom Mapiful Poster of Jacksonville

You can also save a lot of space in small bathrooms by choosing the right fixtures. For instance, if you’re not the type of person who often takes opulent baths, removing your bathtub and replacing it with a shower cabin will immediately boost the amount of space you have. If you are annoyed by not having enough floor space, going for a floating vanity will solve your issue. A back-to-wall tankless toilet is not only compact but also extremely modern and sleek-looking. Besides, you don’t have to say goodbye to luxury just because you don’t have a lot of space. For instance, bidet attachments don’t take up any space but boost your bathroom experience a lot.


Boost the lighting

Small bathroom with plants and bright lighting
Small bathroom with natural light

Finally, don’t forget that natural light always makes space feel bigger.  That is often an issue in bathrooms due to the lack of windows, but make the most of what you have with the previously mentioned trick of using mirrors. Installing additional fixtures that will ensure that your bathroom is well-lit is also an investment that not only makes your space look nicer but also improves your experience.

Creating your bathroom sanctuary is possible even if your space is not exactly large. Implementing the aforementioned tips will not break the bank but will certainly make a difference, so don’t hesitate to try them.

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