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Make Your Garden or Balcony Look Like a Summer Oasis – Top 5 Tips

When you’re working with limited space, every single inch counts, and you can’t afford to put anything in your living space that doesn’t belong or you don’t necessarily need. In cases like this, knowing what kind of look you’re going for can really pay off. This way you can only bring in things that contribute to your end goal, and leave everything that doesn’t fit into the theme out. Check out these 5 tips to make your garden and balcony look like a summer oasis! Article by Kyla Stewart.

By Edvin Brobeck

Getting the Summer Oasis of Your Dreams

If that theme is a summer oasis, you’ll need to put in some work before you can bring out the mimosas and the straw hats. Clear your schedule and make room for a natural pond or a swimming pool in your garden (you can look into it more at aquatic ponds) or a cozy hammock under the trees or on the balcony!

Now, without more delay, here are five of our best tips to turn part of your home into a tropical paradise.


Palm Trees and Plants

pink map poster of Puglia, Italy

Nothing screams tropical like the flora and fauna that you’d find in places like that. When in doubt, it’s always a great idea to add the right kind of plants to an area. With their help, you can achieve any sort of look you want in your living spaces really, be it spring wonderland or summer oasis

Adding plants to your garden is pretty easy, but for balconies you can add potted plants along the railing, in the corners, and even hang them up on the wall. Adding ivy to the railing never fails, and while you wouldn’t associate it to a summer oasis, it definitely ties the look in when coupled with a few straw chairs and a wooden table.


The Right Furniture

balcony decor ideas

As we mentioned before, straw chairs and other furniture that fits the theme is essential. When you decorate an area around your house, furniture is the main thing that you have control over, and something that has a major impact on how some place looks. 

Sure, bamboo furniture is the obvious choice for your outdoor living area or balcony, but you can also use boho chic furniture with some old-timey vibes to your tropical paradise. Remember to keep things unique, and to not get carried away with the theme so much that it gets tacky.


Bamboo Fencing

bamboo fence

Whether it’s your small garden or a balcony space, there’s nothing better to set the tropical mood than a bamboo fence. They’ll make it look like you’re living in a cool little hut in the middle of a tropical forest, and the cool vibe is worth the money too.

In addition, they give you more privacy than your average fences. A bamboo fence isn’t even hard to install. Typically, you can buy a ready made fence online and place it around the fencing or the railing. This is because a bamboo fence is light and flexible, so they’re almost portable.


Add Fairy Lights

teepee and fairly lights

Shimmery lights in your garden and balcony at night? What’s more magical and more fitting for a summer oasis? Your oasis shouldn’t just look like one in the day, and maybe this will remind you about the fireflies that roam around a summer oasis at night – well, at least we think they belong here!


Don’t be Afraid to Play With Color

bench with green and black cushion

No summer oasis will exist without some panache and a few hits of vibrant color. Don’t be afraid to throw some vibrant colors into the mix. Your best options would be some colorful flower pots, and maybe even some color on the cushions and chairs in the sitting area.

If your furniture isn’t colorful, try using colorful blankets and other knick knacks in the outdoor living area. For more inspiration, check out our blog on the top summer colour trends for 2021 here.


Your Summer Oasis Wrapped Up

Despite the fact that many of our holidays plans for 2021 have been put on the back burner, there’s no need to be disheartened. Now is the perfect time to create your ideal summer haven in the comfort of your own garden or balcony.

Get creative with your design plans, big or small, and create the vibe you’ve been searching for. Stay away from unnecessary clutter in this decorating process, infuse the space with vibrant colour and invite your friends around to enjoy your new favourite spot for socialising.

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