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Free Mapiful Coloring Pages

Our new Mapiful colouring pages are here! Download, print, and de-stress

By Edvin Brobeck
Mapiful Coloring Pages

Coloring Pages by Mapiful

Make your home more colorful with our free Mapiful coloring pages for adults and kids!
Download, print, and de-stress

Free Mapiful Coloring Pages

Coloring pages to boost your imagination

Our free Mapiful coloring pages are the perfect way to take a break from stress, whilst brightening up your day. Bored of being indoors doing nothing but stressing over your computer screen? Maybe you’re desperately in need of a break from scrolling endlessly through social media. Either way, we’ve got an alternative!

Research shows that coloring is not only an enjoyable activity, but also one that brings many health benefits. Not only does coloring lower stress and anxiety levels, it also helps to improve your sleep, vision and motor skills, and ability to focus.

Choose from our world map design or our cosy home illustration, and get inspired

  • Paint by yourself and enjoy a mindful moment with your favourite warm drink. This can be a really great way to unwind after a hectic day.
  • Grab your partner and cosy up together for an arty evening. Cute, and a great way to connect without phones.
  • Have the whole family join in the fun and create something unique that doesn’t involve gazing at a screen! Great for both adults and kids.
Free Mapiful Coloring Pages

We’d love to see your creations

Because with these free printable coloring sheets, you can Picasso too! Whether you’ve got a preference for pencils or have a way with watercolor, anyone can create a masterpiece.

And as well as de-stressing, taking care of your health and boosting your creativity, you also get a unique artwork of your very own. Perfect for the fridge, or even in a frame.

We invite you to share your masterpieces with us on social media by tagging us @mapiful on Instagram and including the hashtag #homewithmapiful in your posts!

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