Libra Star Map


Landscape, Portrait


50x70cm, 30x40cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 18×24", 24×36"

How to choose your Libra constellation map‏


‏When designing your Libra star map print, you can choose between three different sizes. These are small, measuring 30x40cm, medium, measuring 50x70cm, and large, measuring 70x100cm. You also have the option of choosing a landscape or portrait Libra Star map., ‏


‏When choosing your Libra constellation map poster, there are some things you should  consider ensuring that you create the best product for you or a loved one. All Libra sky maps can be hung on a wall like a poster or framed and placed on a shelf. Where you want to put your Libra star map will determine which size to choose. For example, a large constellation map is better for wall placement. A small constellation map is ideal if kept on a shelf.‏


‏Additionally, our handy design tool lets you change the color and select from various ready-made themes. Therefore, you can design your Libra constellation map print to blend in perfectly with your other home furnishings.‏


‏How to personalize your Libra constellation map poster‏‏


‏The Mapiful customization tool allows you to fully customize your zodiac sign poster to your personality and style. Here’s what you can personalize:‏


  • Decide the attribute you want to display on your Libra star map print. Pick either the birthstone, planet, symbol, or element of Libra, all of which we guarantee 100% accuracy.‏


  • Change the theme and color palette to best match your style or the style of the Libra you are buying for. ‏


  • ‏Displaying the monogram and the stars in the constellation are optional. With one click, you can remove or re-add these. ‏


  • Change any text that you like. We display the three most popular Libra traits, but if these do not fully match the personality of the Libra in your life, you are more than welcome to change them. ‏


‏Can I gift a personalized constellation map for any special occasion? ‏


‏We find that a personalized star constellation map can make an extra special birthday present for any Libra in your life. Many parents choose to gift a Libra constellation map print to their children. Still, it equally makes a thoughtful Valentine’s Day gift for your lover or an ideal Christmas present for a friend. Regardless of the special occasion, gifting a constellation wall map to a Libra in your life is sure to strengthen your bond. ‏


‏Why I’m in love with my Libra Sky Map‏


‏“My boyfriend surprised me with a constellation map poster for Valentine’s Day. Considering he normally gives me roses or chocolate, I was ecstatic to receive such a thoughtful gift like an astrology zodiac map. I particularly love how he customized it to highlight my biggest attributes. Furthermore, he is an Aquarius, a compatible sign to me, which makes my Libra Star map feel even more special. What’s more, he even personalized the color scheme to match our home decor!.”‏


‏About Libra‏


‏What are the Libra dates in astrology?‏


‏According to astrology, anyone born between September 23rd and October 23rd is a Libra star sign.‏


‏What is the element of Libra?‏


‏The element of Libra is Air, which symbolizes communication and intellect.‏


‏Which zodiac sign is most compatible with Libra?‏


‏The zodiac signs that Libra is most compatible with are other air signs Gemini or Aquarius, but also Leo and Sagittarius.‏


‏What is Libra’s ruling planet?‏


‏Scorpio’s ruling planet is Venus, which is known as the planet of love and relationships.