Taurus Star Map


Decorate your space with our beautifully designed Zodiac poster. From your birth date we will calculate your Zodiac sign so that you can get what was previously written just in the stars framed in a beautiful print in your home.

Environmentally Responsible

Your prints are produced at the facility closest to you. This allows for faster and greener shipping, reducing carbon emissions by 67%.

Effortlessly Customizable

Easily create wall art like no other and fully personalize the special places that made you, you!

Personalized Gifting

High-quality and printed-to-order, our personalized map art poster makes a lasting, meaningful gift.

Scandinavian Design

Our on-trend and high quality Scandinavian designs fit any interior, without the help of an expert.

Create Your Customizable Zodiac Poster

Zodiac Mapiful lets you create unique star sign posters in just a few steps!

Choose your sign

Whether you’re a bold Aries, or want to celebrate the birth of a sweet Scorpio, find the star sign that corresponds to your chosen birthday, and highlight the unique traits of yourself or the people you love!

Personalize your text

Add any special words or quote that will lift your mood each day, or a loveable message to someone else.

Change up the look with colors and themes

Every home is unique, and with our predefined colors and themes you can quickly find a look that suits your interior style.


Panorama, Portret


30x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 12×18", 18×24", 24×36"



I’ve been ordering from Mapiful for a few years. I’ve always had a great experience. Customer service goes above and beyond their responsibilities to insure I was happy with my order I most recently made a mistake with. I’m very grateful for that!! Such a great product. I started a “places I’ve lived or traveled to wall” for our son and he loves these gifts.

L. Van Winkle


Y Vette L QB


How to choose your Taurus star map

Choosing your Taurus constellation map print is as easy as finding some inspiration. Consider the room you’d like to showcase your artwork in. The large constellation map print would look beautiful mounted on the wall in a large room, like the living room. The smaller size can stand on a dresser, vanity, or amongst your crystals and incense. You choose how to style your Taurus star map within your home, and you can use the simple design tool to match the color of your space to your custom artwork.


How to personalize your Taurus Star Map

The Zodiac star map is accurately depicted based on the date you select, so you can start by entering your birthdate or the birthdate of the person that will be receiving it as a gift. Then, you can design the map by selecting from a variety of pre-made artwork styles and colors. You can edit the text as well, such as the taglines that describe Taurus. You can also add decorative attributes, such as the birthstone or element associated with Taurus, all of which are also fully accurate based on the known astrology.


There are three sizes to choose from, and you can select a portrait or a landscape setting. The large constellation map measures 24 x 36 inches, and the small constellation map measures 11 x 17 inches. The best part is, your star map will come out looking exactly how you want it.



Can I design a constellation poster of Taurus map print for any occasion?

Celebrate the Taurus in your life with this unique and personalized constellation map.  In need of a thoughtful present for a loved one? If they enjoy astrology, they will appreciate the accuracy of the Taurus sky map. With many customization options available, you can pick the right design and aesthetic for anyone in your life. This is a versatile gift, perfect for all kinds of different occasions.

  • Birthdays. What better way to celebrate the day your friend was born?
  • Anniversaries. Is your love written in the stars? Honor the day you and your loved one met with a map of the sky above you on that day.
  • Gift for a new parent– celebrate the birth of a child by capturing their birthdate in a star map.
  • A housewarming gift. The constellation wall map is a beautiful piece of artwork to add to any space.



Why I’m in love with my Taurus Zodiac Star Map

My best friend gifted me a small constellation map as a gift for my newborn last year. It had the star map of the day she was born, which was the most special day. It is a treasured gift for my daughter, and it’s hanging up in a frame in her nursery.

  • Ruby


About Taurus 


What are Taurus’ dates in astrology?

The Taurus dates in astrology are from April 20th to May 20th.

What Is The Taurus Element?

The Taurus element is Earth, steadfast and reliable. Earth signs are generally also very practical, grounded, and realistic people.

The Taurus symbol is the bull, representing their determination– and perhaps even their stubbornness.

 With Whom Is Taurus Most Compatible?

Taurus is most compatible with Cancer, Virgo, Pisces, and Capricorn. The least compatible signs to a Taurus are Leo, Gemini, and Aquarius.

 What Is Taurus’ Ruling Planet?

Taurus’ ruling planet is Venus, associated with love, satisfaction, attraction, and beauty. You may recognize a Taurus by their ability to attract attention from others.

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