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9 Things That Make You Feel Happy All The Time

As human beings, our goal is always to be happy, but we need rain to appreciate the beauty of a sunny day. Here are a few Things that make you feel happy to implement to feel better and more positive when you experience those sad, low days.

By Edvin Brobeck

To feel happy in your mind…

Practice gratitude

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We tend to live in our comfort zone, surrounded by the same things every day and as a result we tend to take things for granted. Whatever you are going through, you almost always have things that make you feel happy and to be grateful for, either in the past or in the present.

What we recommend is to take a pen and a piece of paper and write down at least 3 things you are grateful for today. Try to read your list out loud, focus on a memory and what it felt like at the time.

By doing this quick exercise on a regular basis, you will want to add more and more things to your list and your overall mood will shift because you feel lucky for every little positive thing that you didn’t notice before.

Get into meditation or guided meditation

Have you tried meditation before? If not, this is your sign to try it now!

Meditation is a great exercise to take a pause from the world and focus on your feelings. If you don’t know where to start, we recommend searching  on Youtube for guided meditations, you will find plenty of them there.

Living in the present moment even for a short period of time allows you to sit with your feelings and what you have in mind.

No need to force yourself by meditating for 20 minutes. Starting with 5 minutes is already good enough. Like everything else practice makes it perfect and doing it as a challenge for a few weeks you will see that you are calmer and happier.

Read something inspiring

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Watching inspiring videos on YouTube is a good way to motivate yourself and boost your mood. But the reason we recommend reading instead of watching is because our attention is focused on one thing when we read.

Have you ever felt like you lose focus easily and quickly when you watch something? The goal is to escape a bit from reality even for a short moment. Quotes are also a good way to get happy when you are sad.

They can be everywhere with you – your wallpaper on your phone, printed on your desk wall etc… and repeated as many times as you want to transform it into your mantra.

Do a good deed

Doing something nice for somebody can be a little trickier when feeling down, but it’s still possible. 

Happiness is contagious! The logic here is that when you do something good for somebody else, like helping to carry groceries, clean a room of a house, helping to fix something, the person that you will help will be happy and the fact that you are able to give happiness to somebody else will give you a sense of accomplishment and you will be proud of yourself. All of these are things that make you feel happy when you’re sad.

Paying a compliment, volunteering to help will maybe be a little effort for you but it can make the day of somebody else and give you happiness at the same time.

Write down or communicate with friends

Communication is another way to express your feelings and get better. It’s important to get over negative feelings by talking and interacting with a friend, a family member, or a therapist.

Don’t forget that everybody can go through difficult times so it’s important to ask them if they are emotionally available first. If you feel like it’s too complicated or private, writing down your thoughts in a journal can also be a good option and it is available any time.

Plus, it gives you more perspective, and shows you your progress when you read it back later. 

To feel happy in your body…

Get outside

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Going out is the perfect activity to do to improve your mood. Just like meditation, being in nature gives you the feeling of slowing down. It is soothing and makes you mindful.

Going outside with friends or listening to music can also be great alternatives if you don’t feel comfortable being alone.

Working out is not everybody’s cup of tea, we understand, but who said that you need to move your body for 30 minutes of sweaty cardio to start feeling good?

Working out even for 5 minutes will have many benefits like improving your mental health and boost your self-esteem. Why not create a home gym area to practise mindfulness? Two birds, one stone!

To feel happy in your home…

Clean the clutter

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Do you ever feel overwhelmed just by seeing things disorganized and it makes you feel like you cannot accomplish anything fully? 

Clutter is one of the things you see, and you constantly think about especially from a working from home perspective. Without even realizing it, clutter will have an impact on your mind and will bring frustration and stress to the table.

Trying to ignore it by getting used to avoidance strategies and living in a messy space will not benefit you. Indeed, this mechanism of procrastination exists because it is equal to a negative feeling. So, we try to ignore it and go on with our life when it gives a feeling of shame and guilt.

If you don’t have a lot of time ahead of you or cleaning is not for you, set a 5-minute timer every day with some music running in the background. We promise, it will help you get the bare minimum done, and make you feel accomplished and happier.

Just because we knew that you may be looking for somewhere to start, our free downloadable cleaning checklist is here to help you begin.

Decorate your walls with your achievements

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When you feel like you are in a rut and you feel empty or sad, don’t put yourself down. Remember that you are the one creating your own story and dream. Remember everything you already achieved and what made you proud or happy.

It is important to keep precious memories alive and reward yourself for everything you already achieved, or you are about to achieve.

With Mapiful, you can create a personalized item of decor, made with love. Whether it’s a special place or moment that brings a smile to your face, or a special photo, framing a Mapiful print is the best way to make you feel proud, boost your mood, and the mood of people you love most.

The final word on things that make you feel happy

In conclusion, not all the options mentioned will work for everyone on the first try. That’s why you need to show yourself patience and compassion on this journey of happiness. Take time to explore what’s suiting you most, what you feel more drawn to when it comes to things that make you feel happy.

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