Map Art

Create stylish and unique map art with a country or city map poster from Mapiful. Choose your favorite color and font or pick one of our attractive designs to customize your maps with our easy online tool. Whether for yourself or a gift, a city or country map wall art is a wonderful addition to any space.

How to choose your customized map poster

A map is a fun way to add a contemporary touch to your home or office. With different styles to choose from, our city and country maps look great with any decor. Our attractive custom map art is available in different sizes, making them ideal to hang in small offices or larger spaces in your home. Map posters also look terrific standing on larger tables or the floor.

Pick a poignant tagline or add a special date when you create your custom city map poster or country print. Text can be fully tailored for an added personal touch. Plus, pick colors and fonts that perfectly complement the color and style of walls and other features in a space. Or customize your map to match with your personal tastes. With our online tool, there are great ways to create custom city map prints, country posters and other maps for your bedroom, living room or office.

How accurate are our maps?

Design stunning custom map prints with the precise view you want, whether that is an entire country or a close-up of a city. Zoom in on a city or create a custom country map print with precision when you create customized map prints. Or zoom out to create a world map! Our online tool also lets you enter a specific place or GPS coordinates.

Whether you enter exact coordinates or choose a location using our zoom feature, you can be confident that your custom map poster is 100% accurate. Classic Mapiful uses Open Street Map contributors. These contributors make exact and detailed map data available under an Open Data Commons Open Database License (ODbL).

Personalize your map as a reminder of your most special moments

Celebrate a special moment or person with unique country or city map wall art. Thoughtfully printed and beautifully designed by you, custom map art makes a great gift for any occasion. Celebrate a birthday or Christmas with a touching gift that celebrates your loved one’s hometown or their favorite country. A customized map poster is also a great way to honor places that hold a personal connection for you. Whether you want to commemorate an unforgettable trip or celebrate your hometown, these attractive maps are stylish additions to any space.

Why I’m in love with my custom map poster

After visiting Egypt, I fell in love with the country. I wanted something to remind me of all the places I visited during my adventure. So, I designed my very own country map poster. I picked every aspect of my custom country map poster, including the color and font. Plus, there were amazing styles that fit perfectly with the decor of my living room.

– Eddie

About Map Art

Can I choose anywhere in the world?

Yes, you can choose any city, region or country in the world and create custom map prints or posters.

Can I change the labels of my map?

Of course! You can personalize your custom map art with your own labels when you order.

Can I customize the appearance and style of my map?

With our online tool, you can customize the color, font, and other elements of your custom city or country map print. You can also choose from one of our many attractive styles.

Can I choose a different size and orientation of my map?

You can choose from different sizes for your country or city map poster, plus you can choose landscape or portrait orientation.