Hometown Star Map Print

Decorate your space with our beautifully designed star map. Enter a date and location we can reflect the unique alignment of the sky with all the stars above us. Commemorate the day when you first met, the birth of a loved one, a wedding or whatever occasion you want to remember... You are unique, and so are the stars.


Portrait, Landscape


30x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 18×24", 24×36"

How to choose your Hometown Star Map Poster

Mapiful provides a range of colors, themes, and fonts, as well as sizes and orientations, to help you customize your hometown star map print. For a vintage hometown star map that fits in with an elegant colonial-era beachfront house, choose the casual Retro and Nautical themes. For extra oomph, add a grid and constellations. 

Creating a modern star Mapiful for a modern city apartment? Choose the eye-catching Nisshōki and Gaia styles, and finish the look with a one-of-a-kind tagline. You can change the scale and orientation of your hometown star map poster to suit your needs. 

Choose a small or medium-sized piece in portrait orientation to complete your wall art collection. If you want a stand-alone Mapiful, choose a big hometown night sky map in landscape orientation and place it on a side table or in a special corner of the room.

How to personalize your hometown star map print

The Mapiful editor makes it easy to personalize your hometown art star map. Pick your hometown city or town and select the time of your choice. With your map view selected, choose the theme that captures the best memories of your hometown. 

Opt for the grid and constellations or leave them out for an elegant view. Embrace the cool Asphalt theme for a contemporary black and white Hometown Star map. If you prefer a more colorful design, try out the bright themes such as Modern and Gaia. 

Mapiful gives your map a default headline, divider and subline text, which you can change to unique text. Each theme is carefully selected to bring sophistication and elegance to your personalised constellation print. Finally, pick a suitable size for your star poster Hometown wall art in the landscape or portrait orientation.

Personalize your hometown star map as a reminder of your most special moments

If you’re shopping for a birthday present for your mum or grandma, buy a hometown star map to help you showcase her happiest moment and make it into a stunning personalized print to be framed and cherished for years. 

A Star Mapiful makes for the most perfect wedding gift to commemorate the moment when a loving couple tied the knot or the location where the question was popped. Simply go to the location, enter the date and coordinates, and you have the ideal gift that will serve as an everlasting memory of the beautiful day.

Carla’s Hometown Inspiration

Mark and I had been together for six years before we became parents. I’ll be hanging our night sky print in our baby boy’s room from the night of our wedding, and I love that it’s such a unique piece that means so much to us!

  • Carla

About the Stars in your Hometown

Can I find any alignment in the world for my Hometown star map?

Use the Mapiful star positioning tool to enter the name of your hometown and play around with the time to locate a star alignment that you like.

Can I change the labels of my Hometown star poster?

Use the editor to add special text to your Mapiful’s caption, divider, tagline, and the subline.

Can I customize the appearance and style of my Hometown star print?

In the Mapiful editor, choose from a variety of themes and fonts to create the look and feel that best tells your story.

Can I choose a different size and orientation for my Hometown star map?

Choose a size for your Star Mapiful, from the small, medium, or large options and go with the landscape or portrait orientation.