Philadelphia Star Map Print

Decorate your space with our beautifully designed star map. Enter a date and location we can reflect the unique alignment of the sky with all the stars above us. Commemorate the day when you first met, the birth of a loved one, a wedding or whatever occasion you want to remember... You are unique, and so are the stars.


Portrait, Landscape


30x40cm, 50x70cm, 70x100cm, 11×17", 18×24", 24×36"

How to choose your Philadelphia star map print

Design a custom Philadelphia map print that suits your taste and décor. Our customization tool makes it easy to edit the look of your poster. You can also add personal touches to make it your own.

Use our editor to create a Philadelphia star map poster with a view of the night sky from any day. You can also pick a specific location or enter exact coordinates. With your view of the stars settled, choose a design that complements your interior design. Pick tones that reflect your existing color scheme, for example. We also have traditional and modern designs that match well with different decors.

Along with selecting a design that looks great with your interior design, it is important to create a Philadelphia map print with appropriate dimensions. Pick a size that respects your space. We have three sizes in landscape and portrait orientations. A larger poster is perfect for wide and spacious walls, while smaller ones are better for narrow walls or spaces with limited space.

How to personalize your Philadelphia star map print

With personal messages or stylish designs, create a personalised map print that matches your interior design and tastes. Our editor makes it easy to design a touching and unique print, whether it is for a loved one or yourself.

Custom text on your modern or vintage Philadelphia map of the night sky is a great way to personalize your print. Add an inspiring quote or your favorite lyrics, or you can simply add a name, date or location. There is plenty of space to make your Philadelphia map art your own.

You can also tailor the design with one of our trendy Scandinavian-inspired themes. Design a vintage Philadelphia map with the Retro style or go for a contemporary look with our Modern or Dark designs. You are sure to find a design that reflects your personality and décor.

Can I design a map poster of Philadelphia for any special occasion?

A Philadelphia map poster is the perfect gift. Whatever the occasion, a custom view of the stars lets you celebrate special moments with personal touches. Maybe it is your first kiss or the birth of your child, the ability to tailor the night sky view to a specific date and location as well as add custom text means the possibilities are endless.

Celebrate Valentine’s Day with a view of the stars over Philadelphia on your first date or mark an anniversary with a constellation map from your wedding day. Honor your loved one on their birthday with a personalised map print of the stars over the city on the day they were born. From anniversaries and birthdays to holidays and other celebrations, these unique prints are touching gifts for any occasion.

Why I’m in love with my Philadelphia star map print

My parents gave me a Philadelphia star map print of the constellations over the city on my graduation day. Not only does the print celebrate my accomplishment, looking at the stars is also pretty inspiring. I love how personal it is since it shows the stars’ positions on the day I graduated. With its modern design, I also love how it looks!

– Tim

About Philadelphia

Which are the best spots in Philadelphia for watching the stars?

Great spots to watch the stars in and around the city include:

  • The Franklin Institute’s Joel N. Bloom Observatory and Fels Planetarium
  • Fairmount Park
  • Cherry Springs State Park
  • Sproul State Forest
  • Laurel Hill State Park
  • Raystown Lake

When can you see the shooting star showers from Philadelphia?

The Quadrantids appear in the night sky in December and January, while the Lyrids make an appearance in April. Other highlights include the Perseids in August, the Orionids in October, and the Taurids in November. The Leonid meteor shower is also in November.

Which famous constellations can be seen in summer and winter in Philadelphia?

In the summer, some of the brightest constellations include Aquila, Sagittarius, Cygnus, and Lyra. During the winter months, Orion is one of the most popular constellations. Others include Canis Major and Canis Minor, Taurus and Lepus.

How do we create your star map of Philadelphia?

We reliable sources to create your Philadelphia map poster, including mapping data from universities and organizations specializing in astronomy. Once you create your design, we print your poster on high-quality and eco-friendly paper.