Map poster of Tokyo (30x40cm)

Tokyo was originally known as Edo (江戸), which means "estuary". Its name was changed to Tokyo (東京 Tōkyō, 東 tō "east", and 京 kyō "capital") when it became the imperial capital with the arrival of Emperor Meiji in 1868 in line with the East Asian tradition of including the word capital (京) in the name of the capital city (like Kyoto-京都, Beijing-北京 and Nanking-南京) .

It looks incredible with our asphalt style and it is just waiting for you.

This beautiful city poster is is a real center piece with it expressive illustration of the streets and nature combined with the Scandinavian design. It will look fantastic both hanging or standing against your wall. It works well in almost any type of setting and ambience.

The smaller standard poster size for most european countries. This size is perfect for collages for those who cant decide on what design or city to choose.

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