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6 Guest Bathroom Ideas On A Budget

The bathroom is usually the cleanest, but not the most stylish room in your home. When it comes to the guest bathroom, we have a tendency to neglect it when in reality it is simple to make it look like the trendiest and most relaxing space in your home. Here are our 6 easy and quick guest bathroom ideas, on a budget!

By Edvin Brobeck


Guest Bathroom Mirror

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When it comes to guest bathroom ideas, mirrors give you the opportunity to add dimension to the bathroom by adding light, and is one of the most visible items of decor you have displayed in your bathroom.

As it is probably one of the most outstanding pieces in your bathroom, do not hesitate to invest in original ones, or thrift one and add a little personal touch by changing colors or the frame.


Shower Curtains or Wallpaper That Add Colour and Patterns

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Shower curtains are the way to go if you want to change the appearance of your bathroom without effort and in 5 minutes.

Just like for wallpaper, you have an infinite amount of options. Patterns, colors, the finish of the fabric can be adapted to your taste and the mood of the moment. Don’t forget to check the description of your item  (it can contain toxic chemicals).


Decor That Adds a Touch of Luxury

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It’s not always easy to keep a tidy and aesthetic guest bathroom with all the different packaging colors and designs. Glass packaging and brown-ish containers add a chic vibe.

You can also color coordinate your products to add a vibrant color or soft touch. An eco-friendly and attractive way to keep your bathroom always aesthetically pleasing is to buy refillable containers. This way you know that your products will always look the same and you save a lot of plastic by buying refills or in bulk.


Guest Bathroom Plants

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Plants are an easy and cheap alternative to invite nature in a room and bring a relaxing vibe to it.

Depending on whether or not you take care of your plants (because we know that our plant killers also have the ability to kill those that require little effort, like succulents) you can choose between fake and real plants but make sure that they must love a humid climate.  For example aloe, calathea and pilea peperomioides are great options. Check out our article to help you choose the best hard to kill houseplants here.


Mapiful Map Art Print

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Custom Text Art Mapiful poster – Modern Style

When we are thinking of a space to hang a print, we are usually not thinking of the bathroom.

This guest room is underrated and adding a print can be an easy way to decorate this room quickly and have a special memory hanging when your guests are relaxing in your chosen bathtub or while doing their self care routine. You have so many design combinations possible which make it impossible not to match the print with the style of your room.



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As we all know, details should never be neglected, they have the power to change everything.

Instead of spending hundreds changing the bathtub or the sink, changing the plumbing and putting something more modern, chic or original will be directly visible and more cost friendly. It can also be eco-friendly by reducing your water consumption!


Guest Bathroom Ideas Summed Up

No excuses to neglect your guest bathroom anymore! Show it some love by implementing those quick, easy and budget friendly guest bathroom ideas. Don’t forget to tag us on your social media so we can have a look at your beautiful transformation. 

Congratulations, you are now  officially the professional of bathroom makeovers!

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